12-Day Amazing Vietnam

Optional Tours

Please book your optional tours before you travel. These popular tours are often sold out prior to your departure date due to limited available spaces. Your travel insurance only covers services and features purchased prior to departure. Optional tours purchased after the tour starts will cost an extra 10%. Many countries in Asia do not accept credit card payments.

Half-day Cu Chi Tunnels     (Day 3, Saigon) $40

Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels
Enjoy our optional excursion to the famous Cu Chi tunnels, an immense network of underground tunnels. Originally built by the Viet Minh during their struggles with the French, they were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and the base of operations for the Tet Offensive in 1968. Some 75 miles of the complex have been preserved by the government of Vietnam, and turned into a war memorial park. Our excursion allows us to enter this once secretive complex of tunnels - a testament to Vietnamese ingenuity, they housed an incredible infrastructure including kitchens, a school and even a hospital and were protected from enemy intrusion by secret entrances and booby traps. Travel back to Saigon.

The half day trip includes a private tour and entrance fee. Approximate tour duration is 6 hours.

Cyclo Tour with royal dinner at Imperial Citadel      (Day 4, Hue) $45

Take cyclo tour to Hues French Quarter
Take cyclo tour to Hue French Quarter
Our particular highlight of today's tour is the opportunity to explore the old town of Hue on cyclos (three wheeled cycle rickshaw, pedaled by a driver, with you in front; the cyclo is a very common mode of transport in Vietnam) and Riding through its cobbled stone streets provides a great way to experience the colorful ancient town, the attractive French Quarter, and its bustling local markets in a very intimate way.

We start from the French Quarter with French colonial style architectures and old houses. Pass by the school where Ho Chi Minh was educated. Continue along the colorful markets, where the locals shop and bargain, to a local restaurant inside the Citadel. Hue, is renowned for its cuisine and tonight we enjoy a special banquet with traditional Nguyen Royal Cuisine.
Full-day Hue Perfume River Boat Trip, Royal Tombs and pagoda with lunch     (Day 5, Hue) $60

Explore the royal Tomb of Khai Dinh
Explore the royal Tomb of Khai Dinh
After breakfast, we will enjoy boat cruise up the scenic Perfume River to visit the seven storey Thien Mu Pagoda, set atop Ha Khe Hill. Local legend says that an old lady foretold that a great leader would visit and erect a pagoda to bring peace and prosperity to the country. Upon visiting the site in 1601 and hearing this story Nguyen Hoang, the first of the Nguyen dynasty, ordered the construction of this temple, the name of which translates as "celestial lady" in honour of the lady who's prophecy he fulfilled. On our return to Hue we visit the tomb of Khai Dinh. This elaborate tomb is interesting as it combines a mix of Asian and French influences. Khai Dinh ruled from 1916 to 1925 by which time the Nguyen dynasty only really retained symbolic power as much of its real control had been ceded to the French colonialists. This close relationship gave him the opportunity to visit France and it is clear from the design of his mausoleum that he was influenced by the architecture he witnessed on this trip. Our tour concludes with a visit to the popular Dong Ba Market, where local fresh produce, fish, flowers and cosmetics are sold.

Full-day Hue In-depth Tour includes private tours and entrance fees, a lunch. Departs at 8:30 am. Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel. Approximate tour duration is 7 hours.
Full-day Hoi An Boat Trip, Kim Bong Carpentry Village and Traque Herb Village with lunch     (Day 7, Hoi An) $50

Hoi An Ancient Town and its famous tailors shops
Hoi An's Ancient Town and its famous tailors shops
Experience the real rural life of Vietnam by joining our full day river cruise and land tour. We start our boat trip from the Hoi An’s Old Town. We first top at Kim Bong Carpentry Village, home of traditional woodworking and boat-building families. Since the 16th century, the village which originated in the north of Vietnam, has had its artisans work on furniture and houses across the country, from prominent buildings in Hanoi to Hue citadel and royal tombs or most of the architectural projects in Hoi An's heyday. The style of Kim Bong Carpentry is said to be the excellent combination of Cham kingdom, China, Japanese, and of course the talented hands of Vietnamese craftsmen.

Afterwards, we return to the mainland and take a short ride to Traque Herb Village for lunch. Here, we meet local farmers and learn about the many herbs and vegetables that are organically grown here--the fresh produce are fertilized with seaweed from Co Co River and that gives them an unique flavor. We walk through the gardens and see how, even today, local farmers work their fields using the traditional methods used hundreds of years ago. A culinary lesson follows on the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Vietnamese food, plus the local specialties--Tam Huu Spring Roll and Banh Xeo. Once the lesson is over, enjoy the food you helped to prepare.

Approximate tour duration is 6 hours. Departs at around 8:30 am. Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel.
Half-day Hanoi "Old Quarters", "Hanoi Hilton" and Water Puppet show     (Day 9, Hanoi) $50

Water Puppet Show Hanoi
Water Puppet Show Hanoi
Enjoy our optional tour for an unforgettable opportunity to explore the narrow, chaotic streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter on cyclo. Also known as 36 Streets, this maze of streets dates back to the 13th century and the street names, such as Tinsmith Street, Silk Street and Dried Fish Street, are indicative of the original trades that flourished here. There are plenty of photo opportunities as you will pass street vendors selling various foods and produce.

We then visit the infamous Hoa Lo Prison, originally used by the French to hold political prisoners it gained the ironic nickname the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War due to its harsh and unsanitary conditions. Whilst most of the prison has been demolished, the old gatehouse remains and is now a museum housing exhibits from the two eras.

The tour concludes with a water puppet show, this traditional Vietnamese art form dates to the 11th century, where it developed in the paddy fields of North Vietnam. Today, the water of the paddy field is replaced by a large pool which acts as a stage for the puppets who are expertly guided by puppeteers hidden behind a bamboo screen. Accompanied by music, the puppets depict rural tales and historic stories.

The popular half-day tour includes the private tour and entrance fees, a lunch. Approximate tour duration is 4-5 hours.