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I liked the choice of hotels, the sites visited and the helpfulness and concerns of the national and the local guides. They went beyond their duties to make our trip memorable. My whole concept about China changed after this trip simply because of the unsavory things portrayed in the western media. Now I have a very good picture about China and will disseminate it to the people here. For potential China Spree travelers, I’ll tell them not to think twice about going to China but to just go ahead and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of China. It’s well worth it!!!
- Ophelia, Toronto, Canada
China Spree exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Excellent, caring, and informative tour guides led us on an amazing itinerary. We were taken care of every step of the way, and enjoyed the trip of a lifetime without worries. I was especially impressed with the personalized flexibility and accomodation for each family on the tour.
- Katrina M
I would recommend Chinia Spree to anyone and will considerng another China Spree trip for myself. It is the best value for the dollar that I have seen. In this case, you get more than you pay for. The trip was run efficiently and professionally. They are making every attempt to satisfy customers as evidenced by asking for feedback consistenty throughout the trip. They are accomodating and professional.
- Maria Y, Denver, North Carolina
Happy New Year to everyone at China Spree. Remembering our experiences in China do put a smile on our faces.
- John J & Susan E, Wisconsin
We did not what to expect when we booked through China Spree and just took our chances, but we were so pleased during our trip and when we got back, we told people about China Spree and gave them the website and phone number. We got co-worker took the trip and the second co-worker is already planning to contact China Spree.
- Janet S, San Mateo, California
Everything in mainland china tour was great. 5-Stars!!! Kevin the tour guide was amazing. The Hong Kong part of the tour needs improvement, only 2-stars for that portion.
- Callie A
Five Stars!
- Margaret B
Very comprehensive, hit all the high spots. Great guide, very knowledgeable about the various sites we went to, plus he managed a couple of high maintenance, sometimes obnoxious tour members with great consideration and tact. Given that guides can't control the weather he had us do indoor stuff when it was raining and outdoor stuff when we got good weather. One of the tour members had a medical emergency requiring hospitalization and he managed that while keeping the tour on track.
- Ned H
My husband and I found the Peru tour to be excellent. It was our first World Spree trip and we enjoyed the opportunity to interact with local communities, excellent accommodations in good locations, appropriate amount of free time, carefully sequenced transitions from lower elevations to higher elevations, combination of urban and natural settings and experiences. The trip was excellent value and we intend to participate in another World Spree tour.
- Maureen S
My trip was great in great part because World Spree did such a fantastic job. Thank you!!!
- Charles A
five stars
- Larry D
We really enjoyed our tour
- Abby M
Excellent itinerary and value. Tour Guide Jim Mao was great and helpful.
- Michael G
For someone who has always avoided group travels, this was an overall excellent new experience. Besides the extensive information and genuine care we received from our tour guide, we also know that we got an excellent value. The low price is no reflection on the quality of the tour, we could have never done the same thing for even close to this price on our own. This is also true for any of the additional excursions, outstanding value, and complementing the original itinerary. The organizers from China Spree made sure we did not lose any valuable time waiting in lines, the tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, personable and flexible. We could have done without the shopping stops, but even there you learned something new and there was mostly no pressure to purchase. I can highly recommend this company without reservation, because they delivered everything and much more of what was promised. Thank you China Spree.
- Hans & Beate K, California
We took this tour (China’s Best Treasures) in July 2009 when it was very wet, hot and humid. Our primary purpose was to view the solar eclipse on July 22. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it because of rain. In spite of that disappointment, though, we enjoyed the tour immensely because China Spree thought of so many wonderful sights and experiences for us. All of our guides were well-informed, helpful and fun. The tour was amazingly well thought out and well run. Everything went like clockwork without a single glitch. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: China is full of surprises - from the impressive tree-lined streets of Beijing to the skyscrapers of Shanghai to the manicured rice paddies of the countryside. People are welcoming and pleasant everywhere. Go with China Spree!
- Daniel & Carolyn, Arizona
Our China Spree tour (Grand China and Yangtze River Cruise) was a truly enjoyable experience: from the transatlantic flight to our last day in Shanghai. The cities and sights chosen for us to visit were interesting both historically and as part of a wonderful cultural adventure. We enjoyed very much climbing the great wall in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven and visiting the Hutongs. In Xi’an all but one member of our group had a wonderful foot massage and marveled at the Terra Cotta warriors. The Yangtze River Cruise was the highlight of the tour: apart from the Three Gorges Dam project and the other attractions built in, it was wonderful to just relax on the balcony off our cabin and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the gorges as well as the colorful life of the river as we sailed along. The smaller cruise along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo was equally impressive with the stunning karst pinnacles, the bamboo rafts, cormorants and water buffalo. The West street market in Yangshuo was an adventure as well: there stalls and stores overflowed with every type of souvenir and Chinese keepsake and the process of bartering with the vendors became a game in itself and an opportunity to fully participate and contribute to the life and energy of the place. The last few day of our tour were spent in Shanghai and we all had a wonderful time a favorite for quite a few in our group. I would recommend China Spree to anyone interested in getting to know something of the country and wanting to enjoy it’s most prominent attractions. The tour was well organized and the guides friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
- Mark M
Excellent trip overall.
- Michael N