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Our experience with World Spree was excellent. The tour guide, Lisa, was exceptional and we enjoyed everything about our trip. We recognized going to China would require an acceptance of a different culture and food we normally do not eat. There was more food than we could possibly eat and plenty of time to eat it. We are grateful for the experience and all the things that we saw. An amazing country and the people were friendly and welcoming. We will tell our friends!
- Keith B
Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. The group we were with (17) become fast friends. We caught and enjoyed the sights together. The meals were like a huge family outing. The sights, history, cities, food, people over all experience for my wife and I were beyond compare. If offered and could afford to do this trip again, as my wife would say, in a nanosecond.As NIKE says, just do it.
- Mrs. Tate
Go! Tomorrow is not guaranteed! If you enjoy trying new things, a desire to learn about other cultures outside your norm, and have an open mind, you will not be disappointed. We felt very safe and were taken care of very well. Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. Adapt to their culture and try something new.
- Thomas A
This company has got it right - Great trips, excellent quality, awesome guides, accommodations and food. Best thing is they give back to the communities they take you too and get you closer to the people. They are a top class travel company from start to finish.
- Neil M
We can't say enough about the Viet Nam tour we did with World Spree. It was first class all the way. WE had a wonderful tour leader and a great time. Great Job World Spree!! Do are very well taken care of. World Spree takes all your concerns away before you even have them.
- Ronald Y
China Spree is a rare kind of travel company. They deliver everything they commit to and much more. They are an extraordinarily customer-focused company, with employees / guides who go beyond what is expected of them to ensure the tourists who travel with them have a rich and rewarding experience. As for cost, we found very little difference with other companies, in fact, China Spree is cheaper than some of the other companies, but the value they provide for the money is outstanding.
- Sumit D, Texas
The 21 day China Panorama was fabulous and better that I ever imagined. I saw so may interesting places, met local people, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. China Spree makes traveling easy. The National Guide takes care of tips, meal planning, and luggage, making my time free to enjoy each day. I could not have taken this trip on my own in 21 days for the cost I paid China Spree. This was a once in a life time visit to China of which I have only happy, pleasant fun-filled memories.
- Linda T, Arizona
The trip exceeded our expectations, it truly was amazing. Everything was great: the accommodations, the food, the interesting activities, the landscapes, the history and present moment of these beautiful countries. But I want to especially commend our tour guides, our guides were excellent! Vu Quang Truong, “Buffalo”, our Vietnamese tour guide is a real treasure; your company is very blessed to have him working for you. He puts his heart and soul into his work and it shows. His thoughtfulness, sincerity, intelligence, humor, and storytelling touched our hearts and minds deeply. Our tour guide in Cambodia, Sophia, was also first rate. I don’t know Sophia’s last name, but he too had a wonderful spirit. He was very intelligent, warm, funny, and had great stories too. They were both able to balance the difficult and challenging aspects of past and present Vietnam and Cambodia, with laughter, joy and show us the vibrant lively richness of their cultures. We truly enjoyed ourselves. We loved all their stories: we laughed, we cried, we were deeply affected. Buffalo and Sophia helped us feel a real connection to the history and soul of the Vietnam and Cambodia. There’s no price you can pay for that kind of connection to people, and because of them, to their countries. Bless your company and bless Buffalo and Sophia, bless Vietnam and Cambodia, and thank you for an experience we’ll never forget.
- Donna & Paul M, New York
Where to begin. First off, World Spree is very, very lucky to have Tom in its company. He was an absolute joy to have as a guide for the 8 days I was with the tour. He even made himself available to me, helping me with my 'traveler's stomach' issues, and supplements, even before I joined the group on its flight to Danang. He gave me a cell phone to use to contact him at any time and patiently explained some of the details in my meeting up with the rest of the group at the airport. I did call him several times during the tour and found him always available and willing to help. Tom was energetic, thoughtful, considerate of every individuals' needs, delightfully playful, and a wealth of information on the culture, history, and people of Vietnam. He really did enhance every day of the tour with his insights and details of all the touring we did. He made a sincere effort to answer all our questions and he was willing to be flexible in making changes when appropriate. I so appreciated his suggestions for places to go, or sights to see that I would never have thought of on my own. For example, he suggested several tailoring shops in Hoi An, one of which I ended up buying a Vietnamese silk shirt at. I thought the shop was just the right place to go as far as good quality and a reasonable price. Moreover, Tom was great at solving problems as they came up. I saw this with other tour members as well as with myself. I had a number of personal requests, including a special request to take a one-day tour of a town completely out of the way of the scheduled tour. Tom set it up for me with a car and driver. I couldn't have asked for any more from him. I saw him give special attention to several people on the tour who were challenged physically by the heat and humidity. He seemed to have everyone's welfare in mind. He kept the stretches on the bus travel interesting by sharing insights on all sorts of subjects and, as I said, he was quite playful and silly from time to time. As far as passion for his job, I think this was the intangible part of him and his personality that impressed me and others in the group so much. I genuinely felt he cared about his homeland, his sharing some of his own experience as a Vietnamese, his respect for the culture and his respect for all of us. I thought he was exceedingly generous in many ways. The last night of our tour, during our dinner, a number of us gave him appreciations for all he had done for us. As one of the couples on the tour, who have traveled extensively throughout the world, said, Tom was the best tour guide they have ever had. We all agreed. The final gesture of generosity from Tom was to show us a slideshow of all the still photos and short video clips he had recorded throughout the tour. He even included music in the slideshow. He then offered to give each of us a flash drive filled with the slideshow and music. I can't tell you how wonderful that gift was for me. I've shown that slideshow numerous times to friends. It is a true treasure from the trip. I want to thank Tom very much for all he did for me and for the others. I do think he's a real 'treasure' for World Spree. Thank you for choosing Tom as our guide. I would highly recommend the World Spree Amazing Vietnam tour to anyone wanting to get a terrific introduction to the country. I am definitely going to recommend this tour to anyone who asks me about going to Vietnam. Thanks to all of you at World Spree.
- Bruce D, California
World Spree is a great travel company, good value for your money, great accommodations, good customer service- overall, just try World Spree. The guide Sudarata was the best guide ever. He was caring, kind, and knowledgeable during our daily excursions. He treated us like family, with a kind and gentle manner. He was AWESOME, I have traveled to many countries and he is a one of a kind tour guide. He is exceptional and should be praised by World Spree for his ability to make us feel like we were a part of his own family. Everyone liked Sudarta. His knowledge of the history, culture, traditions, were exceptional.
- Gloria G, Arizona
World Spree surpassed our expectations! We loved Ubud and our hotel. The local village is one we will never forget. All tours are outstanding! We would highly recommend World Spree! If you want to go to Bali, World Spree is the best way to experience the wonders of Bali!
- Annette J, Ontario
This is our 2nd trip with World Spree and were once again very happy with our trip. Our guide Anwar was amazing; he was full of energy and always trying to add in ways for us to get a more local experience. The accommodations were excellent. All of the outings were well planned and full of exciting places and activities. We would highly recommend going in time for Holi. We were taken to a wonderful venue with local music and dancers. It was a great celebration for the holiday. You can't go wrong with World Spree.
- Jason J, California
India is an incredible country which is best visited with an efficient and competent tour operator. World Spree delivered on all accounts, from the pre-travel communication through the entire tour led by a delightful guide with outstanding hotels. Unbelievable value. Don't bother searching for another tour operator. Nothing can top World Spree!!!
- Ira S, California
World spree does a great job. We talked with another tour company, you do not compare to them according to the other group. Having the Holi festival in a controlled environment, made it more enjoyable. Our tour guide, Anwar, did an outstanding job. Without his inputs and his comments how things function, it would not have been as good. But, he made the tour outstanding. We were able to see the real India and the people.
- Carol E, California
World Spree is the best tour company I’ve ever used. I love everything about Thailand. The quality of the hotels, food and of course the wonderful guide. Tan was so knowledgeable and so willing to share his expertise. He really made us feel the Thai experience.
- Judith C, California
World Spree is the best tour company I've ever used. I love everything about Thailand. The quality of the hotels, food and of course the wonderful guide. Tan was so knowledgeable and so willing to share his expertise. He really made us feel the Thai experience.
- Judith C, California
Our trip to Thailand was pure magic. World Spree had an amazing schedule and itinerary planned for us. Over the course of 11 days, we were able to see and experience more of this beautiful country than we ever could have done on our own. Our trip leader Tan helped add so much to the trip through his knowledge and love for his country. We got WAY more out of the experience than if we had tried to plan and tackle Thailand on our own. The food, the temples and the people helped make this a honeymoon and vacation we will be talking about for years to come. We were both surprised to realize everyone else in our group had already previously traveled with World Spree and were returning customers. We were the only newbies. However, after just a couple of days, we realized we are now a 'WORLD SPREE FAMILY!' We can't wait to start planning our next World Spree trip!
- Kylie B, California
Our trip to Thailand with World Spree exceeded my expectations. The cultural experiences were especially meaningful: the ceremony providing food to monks, the visit to a local family’s home and the opportunity to make wishes and float candles were all highlights. The tour guide was excellent in every way. Thanks for a fantastic experience!
- Sharla H, Nevada
The trip was well organized and was a good value. The highlight of the trip was our amazing guide Kanokwan Teawattana (Nok) in Thailand. Not only was she knowledgeable about the history, architecture, culture and any other aspect of Thailand she was also the most caring and organized guide we ever had. Her attention to detail and needs of every person in the group made the trip not only interesting but also comfortable and relaxing. Nok made the history and culture of Thailand come alive through sharing her family experiences, introducing us to traditional Thai food, crafts, manufacturing and agricultural processes, and making sure that we were always safe and comfortable. I would travel with World Spree again.
- Tamara F, Maryland
This trip was amazing! We saw so much, and yet didn't feel rushed. We have been on many tours with tour guides, and Nok was the best we have ever had. She was unbelievably great at changing the itinerary when something didn't work out and making it up in even better ways. I feel like we came home having made a new friend. She made the trip amazing!
- Melody H, California