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While still on the trip, I was texting people back home that they HAD to go on this tour. Trying to book this kind of tour on your own, you would probably spend the base tour cost on the hotels we stayed at alone! Fantastic value for money, and our guide Quang was amazing. Go now before everyone discovers how awesome Vietnam is and it's overrun. On the tour, that's what some of us said to each other, 'How is this place not completely run over by Americans already?' Go now while the getting's good, and try the food. You don't want to travel halfway around the world and eat what you can get at home (burgers, fries, pizza). That's not the point of travel. Expand your comfort zone!
- Danita B, Illinois
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You will not believe how much fun it can be to visit Vietnam! This tour exceeded any expectations we had. Our tour guide made us feel safe and was so approachable. He made our trip fun.
- Anthony R, California
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You will be extremely impressed with World Spree! Our tour guide really made our trip exceptional. Quang went above and beyond. This was our second trip with them, and we look forward to many more.
- Carmel M, California
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We arrived in Bali when the preparations for Nyiep, Balinese New Year/Silent Day were starting to kick up to fever pitch. We saw temples become more festively decorated each day. We experienced processions filling the street [there is only one street to most places, so if the procession was in progress, all traffic stopped]. Our Guide went and spoke to the spiritual leaders of whatever village we were at when a process was underway and so we were invited to see [and sometimes walk along in] the processions. We saw prep for the Sacrifice Day, the Ooga-Oogas, the final night parade and performance before judges. We were in a lovely resort on Quiet Day when the only Bali institution that was allowed to operate was Hospital; even the airport was closed. What a rare opportunity. And the guide made it all understandable to us. Our guide, Auguste, was always there for us in multiple ways: he is knowledgeable about Bali and about US tourists; is is accommodating and patient, sometimes in the faces of outrageous demands, repetitive questions, cultural inappropriateness. He constantly paved the way for us to have genuine insights into Balinese culture without exposing us to undue risk, etc. He is also endlessly kind and composed. Vacation of a lifetime. Thank you so much!
- Eileen B, Connecticut
- A
The 22 day Indochina tour was our second tour with WorldSpree. We were not disappointed. We cannot imagine any other tour that provides the quality of hotels, meals, transportation and site visits that World Spree provides as the price charged by World Spree. The hotels, coaches and guides are 5 star worthy, and the meals are plentiful, tasty and varied. With World Spree, you feel a connection to countries and the people living there. The small size of the tour groups is critical in these kinds of trips, and World Spree ensures that you don't feel part of a passing caravan. The group size is perfect and not unwieldly. Take a chance on World Spree. You won't be disappointed.
- Carey S, Oregon
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Don't miss this trip! We traveled with a couple who had taken a World Spree tour of China and they liked it so much they signed up for the Vietnam-Cambodia trip. We definitely recommend World Spree.
- Ed P, Maryland
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This Vietnam/Cambodia trip was excellent! It compares well to my China Spree experience of three years ago. The local guides were all superb, as were the hotels and itinerary. This was a fascinating tour, very comprehensive yet with enough free time to explore on your own. I would not hesitate to take this trip.
- Eric J, North Carolina
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My husband and I just returned from a Vietnam trip with Worlds Spree. It was an excellent trip; hotels ranged from very good to spectacular, included meals were good and there were enough 'on our own' meals so that we could have an occasional Western meal if we chose. Our guide, Long, was solicitous and took very good care of us, got special dishes for travelers with allergies, made provision for those with mobility issues. He was informative, patient, cheerful and helpful in every way. This company gives amazing value.
- Monica S, California
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Second time using World Spree and it got even better than a great trip to China in 2009. Five star hotels and meals and the best guides imaginable. I still can't figure out how World Spree can provide such quality at such a (relatively) low price. Other members of my group had used traveled with World Spree previously and had the same glowing comments. Sign up immediately, you will have the experience of a life-time.
- Stephen C, New York
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I was very happy with our trip with World Spree to Thailand. Went on the 13 Days Best of Thailand package (Jan 2016) and enjoyed every minute of it. The sights were all great, hotels were far above what I expected and the guide was very knowledgeable and went above & beyond his duties, he loved showing off his country. Food was great at all places we ate and the spices were toned down just enough for us non locals to eat. Our group size was 16 people which was a perfect size to move around a bit quicker thru the sights. Would recommend this trip to all, old and young.
- Tim R, Minnesota
- T
I would encourage anyone even thinking about a trip to Indochina to consider traveling with World Spree. I had an excellent trip and have nothing but good things to say about it and it was undoubtedly the most interesting trip I have taken. The trip turned out to exceed my wildest expectations. I never considered going to Vietnam & Cambodia and only looked into it because a friend wanted to go. I never expected it to be so beautiful and so interesting and the people were wonderful.
- Kristy W, New York
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Go! You won't be disappointed. The accommodations, service and quality of guides are all exceptional. Frankly, I believe they hire only the best guides (all of whom love working for the company, as they are treated well).
- Ann K, Illinois
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What a fabulous trip we had! World Spree planned great sights to see, accommodations and restaurants were outstanding, and each day was filled with a new adventure. The tour guides were outstanding, very knowledgeable about the countries customs and histories, and shared their personal life experiences. They are truly outstanding professionals! We loved every minute of our time in Indochina!
- Victor & Susan G
- C
We purchased the 16 day Luxury trip to China and it was well worth the extra money. Our guides spoke very good English and were very knowledgeable. The hotels we stayed at were top quality. We traveled by van rather than a bus. The special restaurants we went to in each city was great for experiencing the local food. We received extra special treatment on the Yangtze River Cruise. We had executive room, private shore excursions and a special dining room. Our schedule was flexible and we could change it as we needed. Overall you could not ask for a better trip that the one provided for us by China Spree!!!!
- John & Barbara W, Florida
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It's a 5 star vacation at an exceptional value. It's both educational and recreational with ample time to relax, unwind and enjoy breath taking vistas and new life experiences! It's friendly and has an unmatched spirituality that can only be understood by experiencing it. Highly recommend!
- Glenn P, New York
- A
I was amazed at the top quality of the entire China Spree Tour. Everything was well researched and considered. I would say, you did an outstanding job, as the entire touring package was seamless, thanks to your choices, especially, our particular guide, Julie, the entire Middle Kingdom Tour was a 'Fantastic Adventure,' jam packed with so many memorable experiences. Really, can't think of anything I didn't enjoy.
- Karen V, Florida
- C
This was an excellent tour with a great pace! The Mekong River Cruise was exceptional. There were a lot of different things that we saw and I enjoyed it very much. The Halong Bay cruise was interesting and the boat was excellent. This was a really fun trip with opportunities to meet new people and get acquainted with new cultures. GO!
- Lawrence M, Washington
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Excellent trip which exceeded my expectations! My highlights definitely were Halong Bay in Vietnam and the Angkor complex in Cambodia, but everything we did was awesome!
- Neil M, Maryland
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This entire trip was remarkable, but the experience in Varanasi of the Aarti rituals at sundown and the observation of the funeral pyres burning at night were quite moving, along with seeing pilgrims and locals bathing and performing rituals in the river at sunrise. We enjoyed everything we saw! We will travel with World Spree again.
- Dagmar B, Florida
- I
World Spree is a great company to travel with, and I will be travelling with them again! Laos and Cambodia exceeded my expectations. The area of Angkor taught me that Angkor Wat is not the only temple ruin in Cambodia, seeing the other temple ruins with the assistance of our guide Sophea made it a wonderful experience. Laos was also enhanced by our guide Khamta. His explanations of Buddhism and the history of Laos allowed us to really enjoy the morning procession of feeding the Monks and a understanding of the people of Laos and their culture.
- Brian B, California
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