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China Spree offers the most comprehensive trip experience for the best price. I liked that the groups were not huge and that the pace was considered active. We came away with a much broader understanding of the nation as a whole. Our National Guide, Jim, was very organized and expedited our travels to maximize our experience. He attended to all the details and called ahead so all was ready and waiting for us at hotels, restaurants, tours, etc. He is also very friendly, informative and fun to travel with. He helped our group bond as a unit and also provided assistance to travelers with specific needs. He did an amazing job! We would definitely use China/World Spree again! Our tour was well-priced and included all the places we wanted to see. Our excellent hotels in great locations, great meals, tours and attractions and visits with local people made this tour one of our all time favorites. Being in a smaller group size and the use of the 'whisper' headset was so much nicer than some of the large tours we have been on. We loved meeting local guides in each city and learning about each region we visited. We learned so much!
- Pamela C, California
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This tour will introduce you to India of empire and raj, magnificent castles and temples, ancient and modern history, religions and philosophies and ceremonies on the banks of the Ganges celebrated from time immemorial; all this and fine hotels, an expert guide and a never to be forgotten experience for a modest price. It would be hardly possible to find a better guide. Neel is extremely knowledgeable on the history and philosophy of a multitude of religions of Indian origin. He is extremely well organized and keeps the tour members to schedule without stress. The visits to the bank of the Ganges in Varanasi and the walk though the old city were the highlights for us and a chance to see from close up this aspect of real life in India. Overall, this trip exceeded our expectations!
- James L, California
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We hadn't heard of World Spree before and knew no one who had experienced a World Spree tour, so we were open-minded but still a little hesitant. Being able to check out the itinerary and especially the specific hotels in advance was reassuring. All in all, this trip exceeded our expectations! It was well organized and flowed smoothly. Because I enjoy photographing people, I love opportunities to walk around neighborhoods, markets, etc. on my own (or with a friend or two). I enjoyed every activity/location including the impromptu activities like a camel ride, a cricket game, and getting henna designs drawn on our hands. Also, Indie was a superb guide. He has a gifted way of presenting history and culture with memorable stories to help us keep straight and appreciate the various emperors and events that we were learning about. The depth of his knowledge and ability to communicate his passion for India had an enormous impact on my enjoyment each day. No one could have been more responsive and available to us. He responded to special requests (for a camel ride, henna drawings, cricket, and many others), initiated a birthday celebration with cake from the hotel kitchen, and answered countless questions with patience and respect. His sense of humor kept us laughing and relaxed, and his commentary on the bus was just right in tone and depth. His use of the sound system we called our 'whisperers' enhanced every experience at crowded locations, and I don't think anyone ever got separated from our group. I've been on a half dozen OAT trips and had many other tour guides. Indie is the best. It is certainly thanks to Indie that I've become an instant ambassador for India in general and World Spree in particular.
- Patricia F, California
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I highly recommend this trip. World Spree’s Incredible India trip far exceeded my expectations in terms of experiences, sites visited, the accommodations and the food! It was a trip I won’t forget--fun, interesting, colorful, delicious! The trip was the perfect introduction to a wonderfully interesting country, and the itinerary was well-designed. Our guide Anshuman 'Indie' spoke from the heart. He is very knowledgeable about the history and culture of India which is important, but he didn’t just recite facts like some guides do. He is a natural born teacher who has a way of sharing knowledge in a meaningful and inspirational way. He connects stories and events in such a way that helps the visitor remember them and make sense of the rich and complicated history of India. He truly loves what he’s doing and I would say he is the best guide I’ve ever had on any trip. The stopover in Beijing was also an excellent idea and I enjoyed it very much. Our guide was very helpful toward everyone--especially in the Beijing airport! I think she’s very proud of her country and loves her work. I have already been telling people about the trip--I will definitely look into your other trips! Thank you for a wonderful experience.
- Elizabeth W, California
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If you are going to China, definitely consider traveling with China Spree. China is a beautiful country with unbelievable sights and things to do. The Chinese people are so friendly. During our 17 Day Grand China & Yangtzee Tour we did not have one mishap with buses, hotels, airplane flights, etc. The tour guides were phenomenal (all so knowledgeable and polite). All the hotels were 5-star hotels with extraordinary accommodations and delicious full course Western-style breakfasts. The MV Victoria was also magnificent. All the amazing sightseeing tours, shows were included and entire trip was a great value for your money! We will never top this trip! We would recommend China Spree to everyone wishing to go to China.
- Diane O, New York
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This was a great value for all we got, and we really were able to learn so much about China in all areas. Our tour guide Betty was the main reason for such memorable trip. China Spree is a excellent company to deal with in all areas. From the planning to the end, just fabulous!!
- Arlene R, New York
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Just back from our wonderful trip to China. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Just loved the balance of cities highlighting both the 'past, present and future of China'. Hotels were outstanding. Most notable was our outstanding national guide Lucy Lui!! I cannot say enough nice things about her. Lucy is a delight with excellent emotional intelligence that allows her to meet the unique needs of a variety of personalities. She goes above and beyond to meet the unique needs of the group. She is knowledgeable and fun! She is worth ten times her weight in gold!! All local guides were good but also to be commended are local guides Leo in Xian and Heather in Guilin for their exceptional knowledge . All in all this was a great experience.
- Michele C, New York
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This was our second trip from World Spree and it was excellent, just like the first one. We stayed in wonderful hotels, our guide was of the highest caliber and we had a wonderful time. Do not hesitate to use World Spree, even if the price seems too low. They are first class and we had a wonderful time.
- Georgia D, New York
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This trip was wonderful---the sites, the smiling people, the spicy food! Memorable architecture old and new, crazy traffic, a bumpy rickshaw ride through the bazaar, bumpy jeep rides over rocks and dirt through a lush wildlife park, a peek inside a 1-room village house and village school, Sanjay's bus bazaar -- who could ask for more memories? But there was even more! The highlight was seeing the smiling people of the countryside---of course the sites, especially the Taj---and the wonderful tour guide, Sanjay Saitha! He gave just the right amount of information to enjoy each sight without overloading us, and he welcomed questions to provide more details, so it was tailor-made to the interests in the group. He has a knack for explaining more complex ideas in a clear, memorable way. He is a very intelligent guy! This trip was excellent! Thank you World Spree!
- Laura C, Nevada
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This trip was excellent! Interacting with the children was the top treat for me in the Golden Triangle. Another highlight was our adventurous time spent at the Ranthambhore reserve where we saw tigers. The hotels are all classy with great buffet breakfasts! Our guide Ashok was wonderful. He cared about the country and he cared about sharing it with us. He was gentle with people who were late, or lost...without upsetting the rest of us and without disciplining them. He heard our many questions while on the bus and answered them all, with sensitivity and a lifetime of information. He was marvelous! World Spree is a tour company that lives up to the trust we have placed in it both times we have used it.
- Margaret T, Arkansas
- I
This was a trip of a lifetime! World Spree made the experience truly rich -- we were immersed in the culture of India and lead by a passionate, knowledgeable and extremely competent guide. Our tour leader, Ashok Jain, was EXTRAORDINARY! He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the destinations, which one would expect from a tour leader. But what set him apart was his passion in sharing his knowledge on the entire India experience -- the people, the culture, the politics, history and adding fascinating narration all along our time together. His command of English, including colloquialisms, was wonderful. He was generous with his time, exceedingly patient and good humored. Even in the chaos of Indian culture and city life I always felt safe and secure under Ashok's direction. We were a large group with diverse energy, interest levels and fitness levels and he managed us all masterfully! Ashok truly made the tour live up to the Incredible India name! There was always plenty to do. We opted for the 3 optional tours and were glad we did. There were several mid-day hours for resting by the pool or massages that allowed for just enough 'down time.' All the sites and schedules were just right. There were enough 'WOW' moments like the rickshaw rides, interspersed with those essentials such as the Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Ranthambore, to keep things fun and give depth to the overall experience. I liked that ALL hotels were very well located. They all felt like an oasis in the hustle of Indian culture and provided a relaxing place to come back to at the end of the day. The food at the Trident in Agra was exceptional -- the chef took special pride in his work and really made a point of sharing special delicacies with us. Le Mreidien was a lovely hotel with great amenities. Western style foods were available every day at breakfast. In Jaipur and Le Meridien there were many Western style choices on the breakfast and dinner menus as well. I embrace eating the local cuisine and actually enjoyed becoming familiar with some of the local dishes as the trip progressed so that I could know which were my favorites. Overall, World Spree's service and attention to detail was extraordinary! An excellent value and many memories to treasure. Go to India! It is incredible!
- Georgene M, Vermont
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This 12 day Incredible India tour far exceeded our expectations, from the wonderful accommodations to the knowledgeable tour guide, to the friendliness of everyone encountered! Each day had a new experience and the tiger sighting was particularly exciting! We did not encounter any problems, and we enjoyed all of the features and sites. Sanjay Sethi was well above any expectations for a tour guide. He was personable and extremely knowledgeable. We can not say enough of him and how enjoyable he made our trip. We felt very lucky to have him as our tour guide. I would recommend World Spree and this tour specifically for an adventure and learning experience. A definite WOW! Take this trip, you won’t be sorry!
- Gregory H, West Virginia
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This was our first guided tour, and it exceeded our expectations! The Ayala in Ubud was perfect. Although it was low key, it was excellent! We loved the restaurant and the especially the live music. All meals were great, and the stunning settings had something to do with it. A highlight was getting to work in the rice paddies and visiting the local school - this was above and beyond. The itinerary was very well done; there were no problems whatsoever. Our guide Sudharata was excellent because he is very knowledgeable about Bali and Indonesia, passionate about his job and our welfare, and he was on top of everything during the entire trip. If you have not been to Asia and want to get started, I highly recommend this tour. It's a great opportunity. Go with World Spree!
- George N, California
- A
World Spree exceeded my expectations for our trip to India, with the Beijing stop-over extension. We really enjoyed being able to visit two 'Wonders' in the same trip! We were unsure of what to expect in trying a new tour company, as well as with the price being so reasonable, but we were blown away with what we received! We loved being immersed in the beautiful, colorful Indian culture. We learned so much, and had so much fun along the way. Our guide, Ashim, was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Not only was he upbeat and easy to get along with, but he captured our attention the entire trip. This is not easy to do over so many days! He is extremely knowledgeable about Indian culture and history. I personally loved how he also took the time to educate us on social aspects of the Indian culture. Two other highlights were the rickshaw ride through Old Delhi and a special stop that Ashim set up for a village outside of Agra where we were able to walk through the village and have chai tea made for us by a local woman. It was great to walk through the village and interact with the local people. They were beautiful and so friendly. Ashim was amazing! He was always professional, fun, smiling, and respectful. Everything from the nnaturalists, to the driver, to the hotels and day trips were excellent. This is really a first-class trip but for a fraction of the price. Go with an open mind. You will see things that will make you uncomfortable and push you out of your comfort zone. Let yourself relax and open up to the people and culture of India and you will come back richer for it. I would not hesitate to recommend World Spree to any family or friend. We are already planning our next trip!
- Charles L, Rhode Island
- I
We had the pleasure of taking our honeymoon via the Exotic Bali Tour starting. This was our first World Spree tour although half of our tour group had taken previous tours with World Spree. We couldn’t have picked a better trip to celebrate our marriage. Bawa, our guide was outstanding, as he was so informed and genuinely interested in sharing his culture. The hotels were luxurious as promised (the breakfast at the Alaya was so amazing!). Every day was exciting and we definitely didn’t want to go back to the 'real world' at the end. I have been on several small group tours around the world and this was by far the best...from the food, to the accommodations, the unique experiences and excellent service, we couldn’t have been more pleased!
- Sara S, Oregon
- A
World Spree always offers a great tour package. This is our third trip with them, and as always, it exceeded our expectations!
- Robert H, California
- A
This trip exceeded my expectations! Our highlights were going to the part of the Great Wall where there was no crowd and also the company of our National Guide (Betty). She made the trip exceptional and did a great job. It was more like she was family traveling with us as opposed to our tour guide. Betty was awesome. China was a great cultural experience. The Chinese people are as curious about our culture and people as we are of theirs. They are very nice people, and China Spree did a great job in preparing us for our trip, and a great job on the agenda. Our whole family recommends this company!
- William M, Ohio
- C
I was very impressed with the inclusiveness and overall organization of China Spree tours. The whole trip/itinerary was fantastic.... the Great Wall is just amazing. Jo is an outstanding asset to the China Spree tour. She is not only competent in keeping the tour group pleasantly traveling in a timely manner, she is masterfully skillful in relating tour site information and using personal and familial history in giving China a real perspective. The strength and charm of her personality cannot be overemphasized! It was much appreciated how she was always looking to make sure the group was satisfied, content, and accommodated for individual needs. China Spree put together and delivered a fantastic trip to China....and at a terrific value, too!
- Mark R, Connecticut
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This trip exceeded my expectations! There was something new and unique every day. We also called our guide 'Kevin the Wonder Guide'. He was exceptional in every possible way -- a real treasure who contributed so much to the success of our trip! I can honestly say that he was perfect for us. All the local guides were excellent. We had an amazing trip. China Spree offers incomparable value. I didn't even realize everything that was included until I got there. I have traveled extensively, and I give China Spree an A+ rating!
- Sally S, Florida
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This was probably the best tour I have been on. I am a Vietnam Veteran, so this trip had special significance for me. It has been 45 years and 2 generations. I am glad to have made the trip as Vietnam is an entirely different country today. There is no evidence of the war. Most of the people were born later and have no memory of the war. They are very friendly, speak English, and like Americans. Every aspect of the tour was taken care of including obtaining the necessary visa.
- Kenneth W, Ohio
- V