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We were very satisfied with China Spree and its quality of hotels, tours and inclusive programs, and knew that Wilson Wu would deliver equal excellence with other tours. World Spree offered a comprehensive, luxury hotels, airfare package that was most attractive, and this trip was excellent! Walking through the forest to the rice paddies was spectacular, and a whole day experiencing the lives of Balinese (seeing the family compound, making of offerings, coconut-milk/oil making, coffee plantation) was most insightful. All the tour features were fantastic! Our guide Sudharata was passionate, attentive, and competent in all ways to provide us an excellent understanding of Bali and the places/people/traditions! He was always open to all questions and friendly. Both hotels in Bali impressed us. We liked Alaya with its smaller size and nicely decorated rooms: the pool-garden area was excellent. Its location was good access to markets, restaurants and shopping even though it was on a very busy street. Melia is an amazing beautiful resort too and the restaurant, pool, beach access were excellent! Overall, we were very satisfied with our tour in Bali! We were a group of 20 and everyone got along and made new friendships during the trip. We have traveled with China Spree before, and now we also highly recommend World Spree and this Bali tour.
- Donna W, Georgia
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If you want to learn about India, its people, its history and its food, you cannot go wrong choosing World Spree. They offer a well planned itinerary with stays in great hotels. The entire trip was remarkable, but the experience in Varanasi of the Aarti rituals at sundown and the observation of the funeral pyres burning at night were quite moving, along with seeing pilgrims and locals bathing and performing rituals in the river at sunrise. The India tour was our second trip with World Spree after having visited China and Tibet before. Again, we were not disappointed with our Epic India tour. Our guide Vishal was outstanding, the sites were well chosen and the hotels and meals were excellent.
- Kuldip S, Florida
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I can't believe I got as much value as I did for what I paid for the trip. I truly appreciated all of the communication, information and support from the World Spree office during the time leading up to departure. I felt prepared, informed and certain that I had done everything I needed to do to proceed smoothly with my adventure. I especially appreciate how well they handled the unforeseen need to change the trip itinerary after the earthquake in Nepal. That could not have been easy; yet they had appealing alternatives ready within a short time. All of the food at the hotels was very good to exceptional. And I could hardly believe that I was staying in such stunning places! OUR GUIDE NEEL PRATAP WAS A GEM! He is gifted, thoughtful, patient and taught us so much! He is knowledgeable, respectful, attentive, sincere and kind. He never missed an opportunity to point out something we could learn, and always put it into cultural context. Neel took us to a friend's orchard so we could see village life; he told us about the truck drivers, the brick fields, we went to a Sikh temple and saw how they feed thousands of people for free. It was more than the sights on the itinerary. Neel taught us about India by showing us real India. It was enriching, and I fell in love with the country due to his intelligence and enthusiasm. The Amber Fort was also incredible. The Taj Mahal was incredible. Our morning and evening on the Ganges River were amazing. The list goes on and on! All I have to say is: BOOK A TRIP WITH WORLDSPREE NOW!!!!!!!
- Kathleen K, Washington
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This was a wonderful trip. We rate it among the best we have taken and we have been around the globe. The value for the money is unbeatable. We couldn't believe what was included. The thought of going to India had never entered our minds until we saw the description of this trip and what it included. We had never heard of World Spree but it had rave reviews and they were absolutely understated. We did not know what to expect on this tour but were quite pleased with the tour content, organization, cost and planning. We were with an extremely compatible group and the tour guide -Indie- was exceptional. He was quite knowledgeable, a history enthusiast and provided much interesting information. We are looking at other trips with World Spree with anticipation, and will expect the same quality of service. World Spree is terrific! You won't be disappointed.
- Henry P, New York
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I recommended CS to fellow travelers that I met while on the trip. I have traveled all over the world and have used different tour companies and I rank China Spree right there up on the top. You got wonderful value for your money and no corners were cut. We couldn't figure out how they gave us so much for what we paid. Some of our group would like to travel to Thailand with CS. I think that is the highest compliment we could give to CS.
- Karen W, New York
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If you're thinking of visiting China, China Spree is the way to go. For us, the entire trip was a highlight! Betty was the BEST. She was always available if needed. Pleasant , helpful, knowledgeable and went out of her way to see that we had the best trip and it was. China Spree is an excellent company that exceeded all our expectations. We will travel with World Spree again!
- Edward H, New York
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China Spree is without a doubt the best tour company to use for traveling to China. It is THE BEST value for your money that you will ever get! The tour is extremely comprehensive and gives you a feeling for China and it's people. We highly recommend this tour through China Spree. You will be well pleased and amazed at the beauty and all that you see for your money. Our tour guide, Betty Cui, was the best tour guide we have ever had and we travel a lot. Betty made the tour more special than we ever expected. She went above and beyond her job. Betty was extremely knowledgeable and was there for us for whatever we needed. She gave of herself even when she didn't have to. She taught us majong, Chinese, and accompanied us on our free time day in Shanghai so we wouldn't get lost. Betty made our trip wonderful! As far as sites are concerned, we loved the Great Wall and the Yangtze River Cruise. The terra cotta warriors were also magnificent and fascinating. Walking up the dragon spine terraces and seeing the rice paddies and the village was amazing and beautiful. We loved everything that we saw and did on this trip! We liked all of the included features and sites. We would not change anything. All of our meals were very good. We enjoyed eating in the hutong in Beijing so we could get the feel for family life and cooking In that neighborhood. The food was delicious. We also liked the Tang Dinner and Show. The dumplings were excellent as well as all of the side dishes. We feel that all of the foods we had throughout the trip were very good. It was nice to taste foods from different regions and experience the local flavors. Eating in the cave in Yiang was a great experience. The food at the restaurant at Dragon Spine Terraces was very good too. We have to say that we enjoyed all the food and can't give a rating of 1 to 10. The food on the Victoria Anna was excellent. All of our meals were very good. We enjoyed eating in the hutong in Beijing so we could get the feel for family life and cooking In that neighborhood. The food was delicious. We also liked the Tang Dinner and Show. The dumplings were excellent as well as all of the side dishes. We feel that all of the foods we had throughout the trip were very good. It was nice to taste foods from different regions and experience the local flavors. Eating in the cave in Yiang was a great experience. The food at the restaurant at Dragon Spine Terraces was very good too. We have to say that we enjoyed all the food and can't give a rating of 1 to 10. If I was going to eliminate one restaurant maybe it would be the one in the mall, but even that was good. It is where we had the Peking duck and learned it is cut into 108 pieces! The food on the Victoria Anna was excellent. We feel there was enough variety and plenty of dishes to choose from at each meal. The amount of food far exceeded what we expected to get! Do not hesitate to go to China with China Spree! It is the best value for your money! China is a beautiful country, full of magnificent things to see and do. The people of China are friendly and helpful. This particular trip takes you to so many diverse places and amazing sites. You always feel safe and welcome in China. Book your trip today!
- Robert L, New York
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This was a first class operation for a budget price. I highly recommend Worldspree. The guide, Anjuman Tripathi, was excellent and made the trip for us. The Taj Mahal at sunrise was marvelous. We also picked this trip because it included two days in Ranthambhore National Park. We really wanted to see the countryside, natural habitat and wildlife. We liked all the hotels. and the service was excellent everywhere. This is an excellent trip!!
- Mary H, Alaska
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World Spree is top notch. The India tour was fabulous, don't waste another day thinking about going and just book the trip, you will not regret it at all. This was our first 'tour group' trip and we were blown away at the hotels, staff and the experience. (We have traveled a lot on our own) I would recommend World Spree and the India tour. Don't be worried about a thing, I felt safe 100%, never regretted booking our trip, it was an experience of a lifetime. I have told many friends and family they too should go.
- Joan K, Alberta
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There are other tour companies providing a similar itinerary and hotels for a lot more money. Don't be fooled and spend more than you have to. We are very experienced travelers and know how to find the deals; this one was a gem! Our guide, Vikas, was extraordinary. We have been on many tours, across 6 continents, and he was the BEST tour director we have ever had the pleasure to follow. We had no problems, our guide stayed on top of all logistics. He was on top of everything. One day he noticed a bruise on my knee and wanted to know if I was ok. Incredible attention to detail. I bought an outfit but when we got to the hotel I realized the scarf was missing. Vikas had it in my hands immediately. He told us jokes on the bus to pass the time -- we had two long rides on the tour. Also, our local guides in the Tiger Reserve were SO pleasant and knowledgeable, and, once we encountered a tiger, I felt very safe. The quality of the hotels was completely top notch. The pre-tour assistance we received was invaluable in getting our Indian visa online. I cannot recommend this company any higher, everything was perfect.
- Tomm S, California
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We choose World Spree because we had an excellent trip with China Spree in 2013. We have traveled extensively both with tours and independently and have found World Spree to offer not only the best prices but the very best in accommodations, sightseeing and guides. Every hotel we have stayed in with this company has been exceptional; perfect locations, immaculate and beautiful. We were celebrating both a birthday and anniversary and at each hotel found special touches such as cakes, flowers, fruit and even a rose petal bubble bath! The staff at Ranthnhore decorated our room like a work of art and at Le Meridien the staff was so friendly and attentive we felt like royalty. Our guide Ashok was without question the best guide we have ever had: knowledgeable, professional, friendly and with an obvious passion for his job, his country and his culture. He quickly made friends from a group of strangers and turned us into a very cohesive group. Everything was exceptional and World Spree far exceeds the competition.
- Michael N, Rhode Island
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I would recommend World Spree - a great value and a perfect balance of scheduled activities and free time! The trip pace was perfect! The best day of the tour for me was in Ubud where we visited a coffee plantation and got muddy planting rice and plowing rice fields. I enjoyed the beautiful views hiking through the rice fields. Suda was an outstanding guide - he kept our group organized and on-time. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and clearly passionate about his work. I would highly recommend Suda! I also really enjoyed that the Alaya Ubud was centrally located and was well designed and clean. The rice fields outside our window was beautiful and the staff was great. The Pan Pacific Singapore was fabulous - great location, breakfast, and accommodations. The Melia Bali had beautiful grounds. All the meals were excellent and fabulous, and the Balinese food was exceptional! There was a great balance - Western-ish for breakfast and local for lunch, and then we were free to select what we wanted for most dinners. This trip really exceeded our expectations!
- Katherine J, Tennessee
- A
China Spree's 14 Day China's Best Treasures Tour provided us with the best possible cultural experience in China. Despite a lifetime of independent European and Australian travel, as first time travelers in Asia, we would not have felt safe attempting this alone, and this tour really lived up to all its promises. The company preparation materials couldn't have been more detailed or more reliable, and this was matched by the proficiency of their guides and other staff along the way. Our tour guide, Julie, was simply fantastic in every way. She went out of her way to be helpful, and enthusiastically explained so much about the history and culture, making good use of what might otherwise have been 'downtime' as we rode the bus to each destination. No one aspect of the itinerary stands out: it was all an excellent learning experience, satisfying our curiosity about so many things. The food was fantastic too, and we soon came to realize that everything was going to be of equally high standard and we relaxed in that knowledge, without fear of any nasty surprises. Whether you have China on your bucket list, or you want to try something really adventurous for a first-time tour experience, you can rely on China Spree to do the job for you! At times you'll feel like you're on a different planet, at others, you'll wonder why you waited so long to do this. But all the time, you'll know you are doing the right thing. Travel is the best education experience that exists, and the only way to really know a little more of China is to go there.
- Marion & Barry Z, Wisconsin
- C
Gosh, I don't know where to start. How can I possibly describe our 21 day trip in a short summary? It was absolutely fabulous and far exceeded our expectations. I feel like we just went on a trip of a lifetime: beautiful cities, well-preserved and fascinating historical sites, fabulous hotels, incredible meals, fantastic shows, unbelievably beautiful scenery, and well-informed and caring tour guides. My husband and I were amazed at the price and the quality of our tour. We had researched other tour companies before choosing China Spree and China Spree came out on top. But after our tour, we must say it was WAY on top. We will definitely book more tours with China Spree (World Spree) and encourage friends to take advantage of these amazing tours. We chose the longest China tour and are glad we did. We would have spent WAY more money trying to go to all the places and see all the things we saw. I don't know how China Spree does it, but we're so glad we're able to take advantage of their generous tours. We're already talking about Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Then the Silk Road. We will try to go on any and all World Spree destinations based on our experience in China. I just have to add that our guides were terrific. In particular, our national guide, Sunny, was outstanding. He added so much to our overall enjoyment of the trip and looked after our individual needs and concerns in a truly unselfish and professional manner. I would suggest you book a trip as soon as possible. Don't wait to go some other time. Do it now. The cost is so reasonable and the trip so enjoyable. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. My husband and I have traveled extensively all over the world, but China was a country that we had not visited. We are so glad we went to see one of the most interesting and pertinent countries in the world with the help of China Spree.
- Donald & Pamela B, California
- C
I just returned from my first trip to China. I am a single woman who traveled with a friend but was very nervous about choosing which tour group to go with. It was fabulous and the price was amazing! The hotels were gorgeous and everything went smoothly from the moment we arrived at the JFK airport. Our guide, Julie, was extremely knowledgeable and spoke English beautifully. I came back feeling like i had seen all the most wonderful highlights of China and couldn't believe how unexpectedly beautiful this country is!!!! Everything seemed to have been thought of by China Spree beforehand..including some evening shows and even an offer to order a massage one evening. They were willing to change things around if the group wanted to try something not on the itinerary such as a ride on one of the fastest trains in the world (also an additional cost that we were happy to pay). It was a fabulous trip and I tell all my friends to try this tour company if they want to see China. I was very nervous to book but all my concerns were needless as this was a wonderful, well run trip and the most amazing value!!! Be prepared for a fabulous trip to a most beautiful country!!
- Michelle W, New York
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My wife and I had never been to China before. We are in our mid-30s and chose China Spree based on the positive reviews we saw online. Our tour with China Spree honestly exceeded all our expectations. Our guide was phenomenal, the itinerary was excellent, the hotels and food were great, and the people in our group were so fun. Everything about the tour was seamless--things went so smoothly and well. I cannot imagine a better way to see and experience China than with China Spree. We will be recommending China Spree to all our family and friends, and I am sure we will use them again. It is amazing to me that China Spree can provide such an incredible experience at such an affordable cost. This was the trip of a lifetime for us and we loved all of it. Thank you, China Spree!!
- Dr. Nathan S, Texas
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The whole trip afforded numerous highlights- from the Ha Long Bay cruise to the Victoria Resort/Spa in Hoi An to Angkor Watt, etc. not to mention the wonderful restaurants, delicious food and its amazing presentation. I will rave about World Spree! I am a very seasoned global traveler and The Best of Vietnam/Cambodia World Spree Tour experience ranks as one of the best in all regards. The tour was so far beyond expectations that I will highly recommend World Spree to my many traveling friends and I am pretty sure I will succeed to bring some business to World Spree by 'word of mouth'. Thanks very much for a top-notch tour that was unforgettable.
- Peter V, California
- V
We have been on several tours around the world with other top notch tour companies and World Spree surpassed all expectations hands down! Ashok Jain, our guide on this trip was not just excellent, he went over the top. He was better than any guide we had to date. His knowledge, communication skills, personality, and problem solving skills are the best. He is personal and even had a cake baked for a couple in our group who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We had a friend on the same tour a week later and compared notes. We have both said the same thing about this tour. It is the best tour out there.
- Richard & Denise C, California
- I
The main concerns for non-Chinese speaking travelers are communication and transportation. China Spree's tour removed all those potential issues by getting you to and from major attractions in less time than you could do it yourself. Wherever we went, we moved straight to the front of the line. Our guide adjusted our itinerary as we went to keep us out of traffic or large crowds so we got more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of China. Great trip! Great value! Wonderful experience for all ages. The travelers in our group ranged from 7 to 80 years old. We made many new friends.
- Richard & Kathleen B, Connecticut
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Take this tour!! The China Spree Mighty Yangtse tour was an incredible value. They offer things that other tours do not. The quantity and quality of food was outstanding. There was no 'forced' shopping. Absolutely no pressure to buy things. In fact, there was only a limited amount of time that shopping was possible. The tour kept a fast pace and always focused on educational things. I’ve already recommended this tour to several of my friends. There were so many highlights, it would be hard to choose just one. Besides the obvious ones (Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors), I loved mingling with the Chinese people at the park near the Temple of Heaven, seeing Tongli and visiting the Chinese Garden. I also loved riding the rickshaw to the private home for lunch and seeing the Panda Breeding Research center. There were really too many to count! I don’t think our tour guide could have done anything better. She was a fabulous guide. She was friendly, funny, knowledgeable and congenial. She managed to keep us all moving along with a cheerful demeanor. On our last day in Shanghai, after the official end of the tour, Julie used her own personal time to organize an outing for most of us (those who were interested) to ride the MagLev train and then take the metro to bazaar in Yu Garden. We felt like we had made a real friend in Julie. I would recommend her to anyone taking the China Spree tour. All of the meals were exceptionally good. I was very impressed by the quality as well as the quantity. I’ve told all my friends about the food.
- Judy M, Missouri
- C