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About 18 months ago we travelled to China with China Spree. Because of our success with China Spree in China, we decided to take this tour. The highlight was of course, The Taj Mahal. We really enjoyed visiting a remote village school and spending about 2 hours with the school children. Our tour guide had an outstanding grasp/knowledge of Indian history and he made it come alive with his stories, etc. He was very easy to understand and he provided constant entertainment. He often made 'spur-of-the-moment' adjustments to itinerary to better deal with current high temperatures, often giving us time to rest in the middle of the day. We enjoyed his constant humor! He had wonderful personal stories that he shared with us. He especially accommodated one lady on the trip that had sprained her ankle. He never got out of sorts with any of our group. In our opinion Sameer MADE the trip...we cannot imagine having any other guide when visiting India! This is our second tour with World Spree and we have been pleased with each trip. The #1 feature of World Spree tours that we appreciate is no matter the destination, developing or third world countries, the accommodations are always 5 star. Which makes the end of an exhausting day of touring much more pleasurable. The tour guides have been well educated in their history. On this India tour Sameer our guide, especially, made the history come alive. He was able to control all of us on and off the bus as well as touring each destination. We were very happy with our tour to India and definitely encourage any adventurous traveler to see this country with its beautiful architecture and people.
- Larry & Carol R, Colorado
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We had an absolutely wonderful travel experience with China Spree. We had never before heard of China Spree until we saw it's name on postings in Tripadvisor. We exchanged some emails with a few of the tripadvisor folks who had toured with China Spree and that's what sold us. Plus, we considered the cost to be very affordable and you really got a terrific value for your buck. We selected the China's Best Treasures tour because the itinerary had all of the sites that we had ever dreamt of seeing in China, plus the extras such as the Dragon Spine Terraces, Yao Dong home, and Suzhou & Tongli water towns. This tour had obviously been planned thoroughly and attention had been given to everything from places to see and experience, to hotels, restaurants, transportation, and to the selection of wonderful guides. It truly was a 'Best Treasures of China', from the ancient to the modern, from urban high rise cities to rural farmlands, from the incredible Li River vistas to the Pudong skyline: the tour covered it all and was extremely well choreographed. We felt as though we had truly seen all the facets of China and been provided glimpses into all it's cultural diverity. We knew it would be fast paced because it was covering a lot of ground but we were very pleased that we never felt rushed and had ample time at each wonderful location to savor the experience. Ming Li was our National Guide and she was terrific. Ming was well organized and had very good communication skills. She was enthusiatic, engaging, fun, very knowledgeable and above all genuinely cared about every person in the group and that they were have a great experience. She managed the tour very well. We also couldn't have been happier with the local guides (Lisa, Connie, and Ginger) who provided a wealth of information and interesting stories and anecdotes about every sight we visited. Overall, we give China Spree and A+. CS:Comment on your tour guide Ming truly enhanced our experience while on tour. We have traveled twice with Tauck World Discoveries (Italy & Tanzania) and they employ professional tour directors who are excellant. Ming is equal to them in every regard. She managed our group with a professional ease without being bossy nor talking down to people. Her communication skills were terrific and her instuctions were always clear. She was always alert to any special needs a person might have and was genuinely concerned that every person in our group was having a good experience. She provided very interesting talks on a variety of both historical and modern day subjects while we were in transit and was able to answer questions to everyone's satisfaction. She helped us manage through the airports and helped obtain our boarding passes. She was great with all of our local guides and seem to have a genuine comraderie with them. Toward the end of the tour, all of us began calling her Momma Ming because she was taking such good care of us. She was well organized, engaging, fun, and very knowledgeable! WE LOVED HER! CS:Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: China is a fascinating country with vast variances and shouldn't be missed. And we will recommend China Spree to anyone who is considering traveling there.
- James J & Patricia J, Arizona
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Hi Jim, Patricia and I both wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip to China last week. The trip exceeded our expectations but the biggest reason was your being our guide! Your kindness, patience, cultural and china history knowledge, and the attention to detail that you provided was beyond the call of duty. For you to go as far as helping us at the airport, to return home safely was unbelievable. And yes your singing on the bus topped each day off! When we had a chance to sit, relax and discuss our trip with our close friends the O'Malleys, we cannot explain how much we enjoyed your company and of our fellow travelers. See two pictures attached! Please remember if you ever have an opportunity to visit the USA and in particular the State of Rhode Island please consider letting us show you our beautiful state! Sincerely, Steve & Patricia W
- Steven & Patricia W, Rhode Island
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We were hesitant at first to spend this much money with a company we had never heard of before. But after traveling with them all we can say is CHINA SPREE ROCKS!!!! The company has created a masterpiece blend of the typical tour sites (the Wall, Timinen Square, etc) with unique experiences suchas eating in a family's home, a rickshaw ride around a lake, plays, shopping. Unlike other tour companies, all transportation, admission, and 90% of the meals were included. We were amazed, How does this company make money? They must get some really good group discounts. There is no way we could have planned this ourselves for double the price. Our tour guide Kevin was the best ever. His commitment and knowledge was excellent. We have become walking advertisements for this company and will highly recommend them to anyone going to China. Thanks for a trip of a lifetime!! Kevin and Wanda CS:Comment on your tour guide Answer: I have no idea how he could have been any better. He made this a trip to remember and we will tell everyone about China Spree
- Kevin & Wanda D, Texas
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China Spree provides an amazing itinerary, excellent accommodations, and an exceptional staff to make your trip unforgettable. The selection of places to visit introduces the visitor to China's culture, both past and present. There is beauty around every corner. CS: Was there a particular highlight of your China trip you wish to share? Answer: Oh, my goodness, where to start. Every day was amazing, each day's journey seemed to exceed the previous days. How can you compare walking on the Great Wall to viewing the terra cotta warriors? The contrast between the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the countryside we visited when we went to the Silk factory was quite interesting. Okay, if I had to pick one thing that made our trip especially memorable, it was being with the people of China, the children especially. And Kevin, our tourguide, was outstanding. He shared so much about everyday life in China, answering our questions without hesitation. CS: Comment on your tour guide Answer: Kevin has a wonderful personality and definitely is a people person. He has a great sense of humor. It is obvious he loves his country and he shares his love with every person on his tour. He is a great ambassador for China, and an exceptional employee for China Spree. He is invaluable and you should never, ever let him go. He was always available, tireless in his efforts to make our vacation enjoyable. He succeeded - it is an unforgettable experience, and we can't wait to come back. There were several times when unexpected things happened . . . for instance, my sister-in-law forgot a purse at one of the dinners, and Kevin called to make sure it was there, went with her by cab, and helped retrieve the purse. Also, I fell in the Forbidden City and injured my shoulder. When it didn't seem to be getting better, Kevin took me to the Tourist's Hospital in Xi'an to make sure nothing was broken. Both of these times, he was helping us when he was 'off the clock' - he never complained and was soooo helpful. What a blessing to have such a guardian angel with us on our trip. CS: Comment on your China Spree hotels Answer: The Beijing hotel is #1, for the outstanding breakfast food and the room. The Ocean Hotel is #2 - superior rooms, breakfast wasn't as good. That leaves the Grand Noble Hotel as #3, but not in a bad way. All three hotels were excellent in all areas. I guess after having such amazing accommodations in Beijing and Xian, we expected more from the Ocean Hotel for the breakfasts. But what they lacked in breakfasts, they made up for in the rooms, which were outstanding! We have stayed in 4 star hotels in the United States and felt like they were tops. But they fall short of the 3 places we stayed in China. You provided us with accommodations that greatly exceeded our expectations, I can't imagine there being anything better. THANK YOU!!! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Be prepared to fall in love with China.
- Joyce & Vanessa R, California
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This trip was the best trip I have ever taken, and I have traveled often. I checked the trip out with the better business bureau before booking, because it seemed to good to be true for the price. China Spree had an excellent rating, and it turned out to be to good to be true for the cost. Our guide was fantastic and we were helped throughout the entire experience. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Our days were very full from morning to night. It was educational and fun. CS: Comment on your tour guide Answer: I can’t say enough good things about Lynn. She went out of her way to be sure everything was great. Our days were power packed and exciting. She seemed like the every ready bunny, and she was always gracious. She found a way to solve any problem anyone was experiencing. Her knowledge and knack at explaining Chinese culture was excellent. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I would do it again.
- Nancy H & Angela F, New York
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Anyone I know planning a trip to China would be crazy not to do it through China Spree. From the time the trip is booked to the time you get home, you’re treated like a special guest and made to feel welcome in a different country. I wasn’t sure what to expect from China or the tour guide, but our tour guide was a very special person who made everything fun and informative. Nothing is left to chance. The meals were great, the bus driver was great and polite, and the itinerary gave us a look at most of the place anyone who visits China has to see. It was a great experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. CS: Comment on your tour guide Answer: George was outstanding. As I said before, he made himself available even when we had our free time if we needed any help or guidance. His knowledge of Chinese culture gave us all great insight into Chinese life, more so than we could have read or picked up in some guide book. And he is passionate about his country and he genuinely enjoys his job. Climbing the Great Wall of China. It’s always been a dream of mine and I believe no visit to China is complete without making it a definite part of the visit. Aside from that, I would have to say 'George', our tour guide, was simply outstanding. He gave us insight into Chinese life and even offered us his mobile phone number in case we needed any help or guidance while we were on our own time. That’s going above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never seen that before in any of my travels. CS: Comment on China Spree hotel Answer: When I booked the tour, I thought we’d be staying at a different hotel so I was a little disappointed when the tour itinerary arrived and it was a different hotel than what I had researched. However, the Hotel was a terrific place to stay. Its location was great, next to subway and within walking distance of some great restaurants. Staff and service was wonderful and the breakfast was an impressive array of food to suit any and all tastes. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Book a trip through China Spree and you’re guaranteed a trouble-free holiday and see some of the world’s greatest treasures.
- Bruce C, Ontario
- C
We loved our trip with China Spree !! After seeing the cost and itinerary online, we thought it seemed too good to be true, but we were surprised that the actual trip even exceeded our expectations. We saw SO many beautiful places, learned so much from our talented tour guide George, ate absolutely delicious meals everyday, experienced so many fun activities, and collected a lot of memories that we will always treasure. China Spree definitely took care of every little detail, from surprising us with ice cream cones on a hot afternoon walk, to giving us 'vip access' to the sites (driving us right up the entrance of the Terracotta Warriors, passing all the other tour buses that parked in the parking lot and left their people to walk ~20 min to the gate), choosing great restaurants that were very clean, beautiful hotels, and on and on.. We are definitely recommending China Spree to our friends and family and hope to take the trip to Tibet in the near future ! CS: Comment on your National guide Answer: He was always attentive to everyone's needs. He did a good job handling/controling the horrible couple in our group (he kept his patience and a smile on his face when they asked him if they had to 'eat chinese food again' on the second day of the trip!). We always felt safe, knew what was going on, and didn't have to worry about a single logistic aspect during the entire two weeks. He had really interesting stories, good sense of humor, and pride in his culture and history that taught us a lot.
- Rachel S & Agustin X, Pennsylvania
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I have been traveling since my first trip oversea in 1967 to work and travel in Europe and have not stop. I have traveled with a backpack to ultra luxury, by myself and in groups, on business or pleasure and China Spree's tour of China was the best I have every taken. We did not want it to end. Thank for a wonderful first experience of China. CS: Comment on your National guide Answer: He solved all problems before they even happened, he was always ahead of the game and solving an possible upcoming problem. He even saw what we were not eating during the first few meals and realized the group did like tofu so he ask us, got our opinion and then adjusted the menu for the rest of the trip CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Go to China as soon as possible and as often as possible after your first trip, because it is such a vast country and there is so much to see, and use China Spree to make all arrangements
- Richard C & Terry W, Pennsylvania
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My friends and I have been traveling internationally every year for the last decade, always on our own, never with a tour group. Because I was bring along my teenage daughter and elderly parents (67 and 71 years old), I wanted to find a tour that tailors to all different age group and physical ability. This was our first experience with group tours, and amazingly, China Spree exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The itinerary offered something for everyone at a pace that was fast enough to keep my friends and myself intellectually stimulated, my daughter from being bored, but slow enough so that my parents were able to manage. Our itinerary was packed with all the great historical sites, but what was more interesting was the cultural education aspect of our tour. We were able to visit and talk to local residents in their home, be it in a hutong, a cave, or in the mountains. It gave another dimension of understanding to our visit to China that other companies did not offer. Another great feature that China Spree provides is the tag-team of national and local tour guides. Our national guide, Jimmy was genuinely attentive, professional, and expounded warmth and happiness. Under his care, the quality of our stay in each city was superb and transitions from city to city was smooth and easy. If there was a request or even a suggestion, like stopping at the market to get peanut butter and jelly for the plane ride, or getting a tailor to visit our hotel room to make dresses for the ladies in our group, Jimmy was able incorporate it into our itinerary seamlessly. The accommodations at each city was wonderful. Every time we stepped into a new hotel, a collective sigh of 'Wow' escaped our mouths as our eyes took in the extravagant decor. Our local guides actually live in the city we were touring. They were able to give us insight into the local current issues facing each region along with the history of each area we went to. All the guides spoke great English, and they were very aware of content vocabulary words used. They would patiently repeat the word and give a definition right after. Communication was not a problem at all. We definitely enjoyed having a variety of local guides, each of them with their own understanding and opinion of China’s past, present, and future. It was an added bonus that our local guides held such different views of China. We all came away from this trip satisfied. It was well worth our time and money. Thank you China Spree. CS: How do you like your National Guide? Answer: His professionalism, respect for others, knowledge of Chinese culture and the touring industry, and mostly his caring nature makes Jimmy an outstanding guide. We were so lucky to have Jimmy as our tour guide. His clam yet always happy demeanor set a great tone for our group interactions. Following Jimmy’s encouragement and example, our group traveled together so well and harmoniously, which added a lot of memorable moments to the tour. Jimmy is very patient and detail oriented. Whenever there is a suggestion or a request for something, Jimmy makes sure that it was done as soon as possible. My suitcase had busted by the time we arrived in Guilin, Jimmy arranged for the local guide to take me shopping first thing when we had some free time. My mom came to China with the expectation of buying fine quality calligraphy painting supplies. On his day off, Jimmy offered to take my mom and anyone else who wanted to come to the right shopping stores. The best thing about Jimmy is that he manages to take care of all of us always with a smile on his face and a laugh to end his sentences. We love the very apparent fact that Jimmy loves his job as a tour guide and the standards he holds for himself and strives to obtain is respectable and admirable. It was smooth sailing with Jimmy at the wheel. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Before we booked our tour with China Spree, we did about 4 months of research of other tour companies, from private tours to group tours. Benefit from our work; China Spree is definitely the company to travel with. They are quick to professionals, respectful, and quick to help in any way possible. There are no other company that will provide you the superb quality you will receive in the areas of accommodations and meals, knowledge of your guides, cultural and historical education, and if you are interested, intriguing conversations about contemporary and controversial issues facing China today.
- Ms. Buu & Mr. Such, California
- C
We have been on many tours. China Spree, and our Guide Victor, undoubtedly did the best job of ANY tour we have been on. Our National guide Victor, was Helpful, Intelligent, Witty and extremely charming. No problem was too large. No problem was too small. {by that I mean he was willing to solve ANYTHING that came up] Absolutely the BEST TOUR GUIDE I have ever had. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: China is an experience we would not have missed. CHINA SPREE is a wonderful tour company. They gave us a tour that was far above our expectations. We will Definitely return to China and will use ONLY China Spree to show us more of that fascinating country. It has a fantastic tour for the best price available.
- Donna H, Minnesota
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Dear MR Wu, Thank you for your company hospitality & guiding during our recent trip to China, Your service is phenomenal & fabulous . We have a wonderful time & enjoy every minute of our times. Base on my other past trips experiences, I am very proud to rate your services as 5 stars tour company,Each stars is represented to each services We received for our daily needed.
  • Experience & friendly staffs. The booking process & preparation for the trip went very smooth , Michelle is very nice friendly & skillful . Up on arrived in China our national guide ( Lynn) strep in & taking care us professional manner , she is working hard & tireless. She is making sure our rooms are ready when we arrive in the hotels ,our lug ages are in our room & our boarding past are handy when we arrive in the airports. She treat as like family members. Even on our free day she is help with our transportation need.
  • The itinerary is amazing. Chine’s history turned pages day after day, we travel back half century ago in Forbidden City , go deeper to 2000 years ago in great Wall & Terra Cotta Warrior , hiking to the top of Dragon Back Bones then relaxing in Li River cruising, finally exploring Shanghai the future city of China.
  • Facility. All hotels are exceeded our expectation, they are the excellent accommodation & conveniences. Marriott Beijing is walking distance from Tiananmen Square, Xian Grand Noble is in Business central & next to night market, Guilin Sheraton is front view of Li river , Yangzhou New West Street is my fever ( Pearl in the Middle of the wonder land), Pullman Skyway Shanghai just a block away from metro system. All rooms are beautiful & elegant.

  • Foods. The rich & variety of local food are very interesting. We have been served the fancy food in famous restaurant Same as celebrity quest such as former first lady ( Hilary Clinton) & have a chance to taste the same food as the Local minority people on the top of dragon back bones.
  • Price. Not much to testify, people always said ” You get what you pay”. With China Spree we paid for the best , The Best of China Treasury. We are very pleasure with your services & looking forward to use your company again, hope to see Kung Ming province add to itinerary in the future.
Thank you
- Nokeo L, Iowa
- C
I am so glad I chose to use China Spree for our tour to China and Hong Kong. When I first contacted them to arrange a tour, they were accommodating and professional. They helped me to find the tour which fit in with my time frame and places I wanted to visit, for an amazing price which included all meals, many exciting excursions and air fare. Their company sent conformations and arranged for visas promptly, eliminating any worry about details. When we first arrived in China, we were greeted by our wonderful tour guide, Ron, who proved to be the best tour guide imaginable. He was so organized on all the details - he took care of us better than our own mothers. He made sure we had bottled water, reminded us about passports, told amazingly interesting stories, demonstrating his historical knowledge as well as excellent story-telling skills. We also had terrific local guides in each of the the different cities visited, which added interest and variety of knowledge and perspective. Accommodations and food also proved to be above our expectations. The hotels were top quality, comfortable and beautiful. The food was amazing - at least 12 different dishes per meal, including local specialties. I especially appreciated and enjoyed the planned excursions which were many and varied. Our activities included riding a high speed maglev train, a journey to the top of the third tallest building in China, a gondola ride through the water town of Tongli, a walk through the beautiful Reed Flute Cave, a walk through the active Buddist temple at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a chance to see the adorable Pandas up close, to name just a few. We were able to do all these things without feeling rushed - we were given enough relaxation time in between activities, with trips to tea houses, gardens, and optional foot massages. The organization and attention to detail of this company is exceptional - all at an amazing value. I highly recommend China Spree as the tour company of choice when visiting China. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I definitely recommend a visit to China. It is an experience of a lifetime - not to be missed. There is so much to see and do - culture, history, entertainment, shopping, sight-seeing, and interacting with the Chinese people.
- Wendy M, California
- C
As I start to write this, I know it will sound like too many testimonials that are already on your website. These same testimonials had me a little suspicious, as I read them intently last winter. Let’s address them first. This trip sounds like it is too good to be true, but it is not. The hotels are really as stunningly gorgeous as the photos show, and you are not shuttled off to tiny, plain rooms. The guides are charming, funny, generous and open. They will enrich your experience in ways that travelling independently probably will not. I simply can’t understand how China Spree can offer so much for so little. This may not be the cheapest tour in the industry, but it is close, and it clearly gives you the best value. I met other tour groups that had as many as 88 people on them! Our 14 people got along quite cozily. With a group so small, we could go to much smaller locations, and didn’t spend more time waiting for people than seeing the sights. Though this testimonial is about China Spree, it is also about China. Going now, at this pivotal time of change was breath-taking and inspiring. All of the big sights did not let us down: the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Karst region were as stunning as we hoped. However, it was the smaller sites that had the biggest impact on us, the ones that are not included in other tours. Cautiously walking into someone’s home to see how they live, can feel intrusive. Instead we found ourselves warmly greeted and made to feel welcome. This was true at our lunch in the hutong, the yadong in Xi’an and the farmhouse in Yangshuo. Hiking in the Long Sheng rice terraces was a high point of the trip. I chose China Spree in part because of this one day listed, and it far exceeded my expectations. The tour is run seamlessly, so that all the minor hassles inherent in moving from place to place (hotel reservations, airplane tickets, entrance tickets, luggage shifting) are all wafted away from you. Even something as tiny as dehydration is not an issue, since they always kept the bus plentifully stocked with water. They time things so beautifully that a wait of any kind is a rare thing whether it is shows, meals or rides. Wilson Wu has done wonders in planning a 14-day trip where the meals are not repetitive. I think that there were only 3 dishes that showed up more than once. Considering that there are approximately 24 meals and 7 dishes per meal, that is nothing short of a mathematical feat!
- Trina S & Carl T, Rhode Island
- C
Chinaspree is the only way to go if you want to see China up close and personal. Our guide Ronald Wang was fabulous, he took care of everything and was so knowledgable. He helped us to know the real China! Do not even bother to look elsewhere for your trip of a will have found it with Chinaspree!! The price is right, everything is included.. even flights, and the hotels and food is all first class. Wilson Wu is so helpful and accessable.. he will answer all your questions and help you decide which is the right tour for you. Never have I had such personal service with a tour company. Keep up the good work Chinaspree and Wilson, you are doing everything right!! CS: What did you like about this trip? Answer: Ronald Wang was excellent, he took care of everything and is so knowledgable. We could just relax and enjoy everything. Also it is great that you fly everywhere so you don’t spend all your time driving from place to place. You are able to fill even flying days with sightseeing. I didn’t even have to think about the date or even what day of the week it was! All the hotels were lovely ! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: China will amaze and surprise you. You will love every minute and learn so much about this country and it’s people. Don’t hesitate... just go and see for yourself!
- Kathy B, Ontario
- C
Dear Mr Wu, I am writing you as a repeat customer to tell you of the delight your company has provided my wife and myself over the past few years. The first tour we took with China Spree was Chinas Best Treasures in April 2007. It was our first time going to Asia and also the first real guided tour in our world travels. We were really skeptical about what you stated you were offering. All our worries went away when we met our National Guide Li Ming at the airport in Beijing. She made us feel very comfortable and when we arrived at the hotel, we were awed by the luxury and the comfort. Ming took the people in our group that were from all over the country and from many different backgrounds and made us into a very cohesive group. Our first day local guide Robert was particularly observant and along with Ming changed the itinerary to allow the entire group to enjoy the sights without pushing any physical limits. The remainder of the tour had great local guides and Ming, of course. The accommodations were all luxurious and the service by bus drivers and porters was impeccable. Needless to say the entire trip was made by the warmth and caring of Ming for all in our group. MING WAS GREAT. We call her our Chinese Daughter and stay in contact with her. China is an awe inspiring country and we did see some of its treasures. The second tour with China Spree was the Mighty Yangtze (Mar 28 – Apr 11, 2010). I had request Ming as the National Guide and was disappointed when she was not available. I should not have worried as when we met Lin at the airport, you could see that she loved what she did very much and made us all very comfortable. We have been blessed to have two great groups to see China. This group became so close immediately that it seemed like a large family and Lin was the glue that held it together. Having been to China before I had requests not on the itinerary. The first day Andy, our local guide and Lin got last minute tickets to the Peking Opera and assured that we were there without disturbing the rest our the group (Request #1). The Yangtze Cruise was first class we were the only group to sing both in Chinese and English at the passenger show thanks to Lin’s Chinese Lessons. It has been my wife’s dream to hold a baby Panda and when we got to the preserve the local guide Helen had procured the required pass to do so (Request #2). All the local guides were excellent and showed us as much of their cities as possible in the time given. You had told me you upgraded the hotels but the main upgrade had to be location. They were right in the middle of the action. The food was excellent and gave us a taste of the different provinces, Our guides were so good that even though there were a couple of technical difficulties, they were able to turn them into adventures and give us a closer look at Chinese life in the cities without missing anything on the itinerary, Lin kept us together for the entire tour so much that we all returned from our free day to have dinner together. LIN IS GREAT. She is our second Chinese Daughter and we will stay in touch. You have stated that there will be new itineraries in the next couple of years and we intend to be back, hopefully with one of our Chinese Daughters as National Guide. We are constantly recommending your company to friends and coworkers and have received great comments from those that have used China Spree. Jackie and Marci M China Spree Advocates
- Jackie & Marci M
- C
WOW!!!! What a trip I had with China Spree and our marvelous national guide, Lynn. This company and Lynn managed every little detail for us, thereby diffusing any nervousness or hesitancy I may have had about traveling to China. I was on the China Delights tour in January, 2010 - a great time to visit by the way, fewer tourists!!! Each tour sight was well explained by Lynn so I understood the significance of what I was seeing as it related to the history and lives of the Chinese people. Every meal was superb. Loved, loved, loved the lunch prepared by a local family in Bejing!!! There was just the right amount of free time built in to this itinerary so I could explore on my own or just recooperate. And my accommodations were way beyond my expectations!! Think 5 star hotels every night!!! CS: What did you like about this trip? Answer: Our national guide, Lynn!!!!!! She is absolutely fabulous! Learning about China - WOW was I misinformed about the people, the culture, the lifestyle. Seeing historical places I’d only heard about or read a little about. The food!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! did we ever eat well! Loved the lunch prepared at the home of a local family. CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip Answer: Lynn’s knowledge and organizational skills. She really kept track of us all - including our passports and luggage, made sure we got whatever we asked for and kept checking with us to see if everything was OK. I never felt uninformed, lost, or that my questions were a bother to her. She was very excited to share her country and learn about the US. Loved that she arranged for a massage if we wanted to pay for one. I could have had a massage more often and I should have asked about it. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: GO, GO, GO!! It is a trip of a lifetime. This is not the China you think you know!
- Cyndee B, Florida
- C
This trip far exceeded our expectations. Tours, lodging and food were exceptional. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and willing to receive and answer our questions. They spent long hours with us each day and were never in a hurry to rush home to their families. They enjoyed becoming acquainted with foreigners. It was surprising to us the importance of how numbers, color and compass direction play a big role in Chinese decision making. The two visits to non English speaking families provided a close and intimate experience. The families were friendly, enjoyable and very hospitable. This trip was a very worthwhile experience. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: We will be ambassadors for China Spree. 'Book your next trip with China Spree - they take care of your every need. If you want to travel to China, free of decision making, book with China Spree - they’re well organized and provide exceptional tours, lodging and good foods . China Spree is number 1 in our estimation'.
- Joe & Judy A, California
- C
Our family, including our two teen boys have traveled to over 30 countries around the world. This of all our trips has been the single best experience. It has the balance of adventure with the safety of a tour guide. One can organize travel on their own or with the group depending on your comfort level. There are so many wonderful experiences in China....the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiennamen Square as the typical tourist sites. But more adventure awaits in the local ancient villages of the Hutongs and watching the senior citizens in the Temple of Heaven do their typical activities. Our family joined in by playing the local 'hackeysack' games with the locals and attending a Kung Fu show in the evening. Even we were daring to go to the indoor Silk Market where we bargained our way to many exiting purchases. The hotel in Beijing was perfect location. Loved the rooms, noise level perfect and all the amenities and breakfast was fabulous. I thought I would lose weight this trip because the food might be too adventurous. I found this the best Chinese food I have ever had. Even eating around the Hutongs and buying food from local vendors was so fabulous. Finally, across the hotel is the Wu Market. Dare to go in and you will be sure to have an adventure. Definitely buy some candy from the candy stalls and pastrys as well. You will never regret it. Be sure to know that you have to pay separate at each stall instead of at a register. Try the candied fruit on a stick that look like mini candy apples. The whole trip we saw Chinese people eating these and wondered what they were. We finally tried one the last day and highly recommend this sweet dessert. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: A trip full of safety and adventure and good times. You cannot pass this trip up!!!! It is perfect for all age groups.
- Julie K, California
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I don’t know how to begin to sing the praises of this wonderful company-China Spree. Right from the beginnining, we were most impressed with the organization and thoroughness of the website and the helpful obliging staff at the company office. EVERTHING was clearly laid out- what to wear, what to bring. what to expect and on and on, to really whet our appetites for the trip. From the moment we arrived in Beijing untill we were seen off at the departure gate in Shanghai we were treated like royalty and were clearly made to feel that it was the intent of China Spree, via the tour guides to make this the most memorable special trip of all. Before departing for China, I remember looking at the lengthy testimonials and thinking how they could not be fabricated. Now that we have been away I know that all of these people (like us) cannot say enough good things about this tour, and therefore these lengthy discertations. Apart from the outstanding itinerary, outstanding 5 star hotels, great food and exceptional service by the various tour guides, I must say that the MOST impressive aspect of the whole experience was the unbelievable dedication to excellence by the China Spree and their intent on making this the trip of a lifetime for the clients. It must be noted how unbelievable the company handled a crisis at the time of a most unusual and untimely snowstorm in Xian. The airport was closed and 19,000 people were stranded. Our guide Lisa showed UNBELIEVABLE leadership as she rescued us from the airport and arranged our care. We were returned to the hotel and redirected the next day to Hong Kong all at the extra expense of the company - all with no fault of theirs and certainly no obligation to us, It was so very special to receive a personal phone call from the owner of the company apologizing for our inconvenience- clearly a class act!!!! The integrity of the company and the special way that we were made to feel will long be remembered. I congratulate you, China Spree, wishing you all the best in your future business years and thank you so very much for a WONDERFUL trip. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? If you want to experience China with a company you can trust, a company that specifically and clearly goes the extra mile to make your travel experience the BEST ever, don’t waste your time looking for another place, rather sign up with the assurance that you will be looked after exceptionally well and be prepared to have a fabulous tour.
- David R, Manitoba
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