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Best of China & Hong Kong 2019

Cities: Beijing (3), Xian (2), Guilin (3), Yangshuo, Longsheng, Chengdu (2), Shanghai (3), Suzhou & Tongli, Hong Kong (3)
$3,659 per person


This ambitious itinerary represents the best wonders China has to offer. It's a perfect trip to discover China's past, present and future as well as China's scenic and cultural diversity.

Your China tour starts in Northern China. You will begin by admiring Beijing's imperial treasures and walk on the Great Wall of China. Your tour then continues to Xian, in China's heartland where you will view the famed Terra-Cotta Army Legion of 6,000 warriors. Continue to China's southwest subtropical Guilin, cruise on the Li River and soak in China's most famous landscape that seems lifted straight out of a Chinese scroll painting. What makes this trip truly unique and exciting is an exclusive hiking tour to the hidden gem of Longsheng's Dragon Spine Terraces, inhabited by minority nationalities. This discovery is rarely available in the conventional itineraries. You will then continue on to Chengdu, the largest, yet most laid-back city in Southwest China, where you sip an afternoon tea and visit the Giant Panda Reserve.

Fly to Shanghai, the center of China's economic boom. Tour the colonial Bund; admire the charming architecture in the French Concession, overlooking Pudong new zone from China's tallest building; and attend an optional performance of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. From Shanghai, a side trip offers you a chance to visit to the 2,500-year-old city of Suzhou, famed for its classic Chinese gardens, silk and embroidery, and to the Water town Tongli to cruise on its many canals.

Finally, you will fly to Hong Kong and experience that dynamic city where "East meets West." Continuing on to Guilin, you will enjoy a cruise on the meandering Li River and come to understand why Guilin is famed for "the best scenery under heaven." Finally, you will travel to China's bustling East Coast to metropolitan Shanghai for an eye-open journey into China's most amazing and modern city.

This tour is fully packed, fast-paced and family-friendly. No other tours brings you this many included features in an ideal 18-day China vacation package.

What's Included

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