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Classic China & Tibet Highland 2019 2020

Cities: Beijing (3), Xian (2), Chengdu (2), Lhasa (3), Shanghai (3), Optional Suzhou & Tongli
$2,959 per person


Immerseyourself in the rich history and culture of China and Tibet on thisunforgettable 15-day overland package tour! Your trip begins in Beijing, whereyou visit the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and other imperialpalaces and gardens. Continue to Xi'an to marvel at the famous legion of TerraCotta Warriors guarding Emperor Qin's tomb. Travel to Chengdu, China's mostlaid back city, the home of Sichuan spicy food, and the gateway to Tibet, for avisit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Thelast stop is Shanghai where you walk on the colonial Bund and visit many of itsmodern architectures. From Shanghai, you will take an optional day excursion,touring Suzhou's classic gardens and strolling on Tongli's Old Street.

Thenjourney into the "Roof of the World" to get inspiration from theTibetan Buddhism and experience a culture far different from our own. Soak thetimeless beauty of the Tibet highlands, and tour the mystical Potala Palace,the former residence of the Dalai Lama. Witness the debate between monks at theSera Monastery, sip yak-butter tea at a Tibetan family home, visit the sacredJokhang Temple, and walk at the wonderful and colorful Bakhor Bazaar - It's anexperience not to be missed.

What's Included

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