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Best of Thailand & Angkor Wat 2019 2020

Cities: Bangkok (4), Ayutthaya (1), Sukhothai (1), Chiang Rai (2), Chiang Mai (3), Siem Reap (3)
$2,959 per person


Exotic and colorful, Thailand is a destination that really offers it all – ancient ruins, a rich culture, lush scenery, fragrant cuisine, vibrant Bangkok, beautiful beaches and friendly and fun locals who offer a warm welcome to visitors. Siem Reap with the famous Angkor Wat temples is the city that most of the visitors do not want to miss when they are already in Asia.

Our Best of Thailand & Angkor Wat Tour has been carefully constructed to offer an unbeatable introduction to this enticing destination. We start in the dynamic capital Bangkok and then travel north to the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, traveling via the historic ancient capitals of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya.

En route we can expect many memorable and inspiring experiences: bargain for handicrafts in the colorful markets; learn about the unique culture of Thailand's hill tribes; awake at dawn to offer alms to saffron-clad monks; explore the historic ruins of Thailand's ancient capitals.

We finally travel to Siem Reap- the small town of the neighboring Cambodia, where we explore the magical temples of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. There is also an option for you to visit Tonle Sap Lake, one of the most unique ecological water wonders in the world, and visit the locals in their rural villages.

Return Bangkok we we stay a night to connect with our home-bound flight on the next day.

What's Included

Why Spree?

We are confident that while you may find cheaper tours, you will not find a better deal to Thailand. With unbeatable value, our tour includes your international flight, 14 nights' accommodation, 21 meals and a wide range of highlights and activities.

  1. We have spent many years and a number of trips researching this beautiful destination. Every aspect of the tour - the itinerary, hotels, included features, restaurants and menus, tour guides, transportation, and shopping - have all been carefully selected so you can be confident in choosing Thailand as a destination.
  2. We ensure that the must-see sights and experiences are included within the tour price, rather than being optional extras.
  3. We include genuine experiences which get you closer to the destination, its people and culture rather than visiting the typical tourist traps.
  4. We carefully pace the tour to make the most of your time but also offer time to relax and enjoy the destination; combining the convenience of group tour with the flexibility of independent travel.
  5. We avoid the unethical shopping traps (such as Gem factory and Jade factory) which other companies use to subsidize their profits.
  6. We carefully select hotels with a local style and flavor but the international standards you expect.

By negotiating hard and using our knowledge of the destination we have designed the tour in such a way, and from a totally different perspective, as if we do it for ourselves – for our own very first journey to this beautiful country. That’s what makes World Spree different from others – We treat you as we expect to be treated and do everything with that in mind.

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