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Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 2019 2020

Cities: Hanoi (3), Halong Cruise (1), Hoi An (2), Hue (2), Saigon (3), Siem Reap (3)
$2,699 per person


Discover the contrasting highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia traveling on our captivating tour through Indochina. This itinerary has been carefully designed to showcase the best features the region has to offer.

Having emerged from a turbulent recent history, the region is now thriving, offering the visitor an intoxicating mix of historic temples, exquisite cuisine, elegant cities and striking landscapes.

Starting in the north of Vietnam, our tour explores the historic charms of Hanoi and takes a cruise amid the striking limestone scenery of Halong Bay. It then continues to the center of the country to enjoy the laid back delights of Hoi An and learn a little of Vietnam's history in Hue. Then, onto the south, Saigon the flourishing commercial heart of the country and the Mekong Delta. Finally, we travel to neighboring Cambodia, where we explore the magical temples of Angkor.

This is an eye opening journey, a trip of tropical sensations and exotic memories.

What's Included

Why Spree?

Our 14-night Vietnam and Cambodia tour includes all the major highlights these countries have to offer. We start from the capital city Hanoi, with its French colonial influence, then take an overnight cruise on the iconic Halong Bay, considered, by many, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We proceed to central Vietnam for the relaxed port town of Hoi An and the ancient capital of Hue. We travel beyond the bustling city of Saigon to Siem Reap in Cambodia to see the magical temples of Angkor Wat.

  1. Compared to similar itineraries promoted by our competitors, World Spree's package tour features far better hotels: 5-star hotels in convenient locations, as opposed to the 4-star hotels used by the competition. Unlike them, the hotels we use have character. We use colonial style hotels, oceanfront beach resorts, and international chains with central location, etc. Though we want you to travel with an open mind and be adventurous in the daytime, at night we want you to have all the comforts of home: Great location, comfortable beds, good lighting, air conditioning, cable TV, power showers and delicious American buffet breakfasts to look forward to. The truth is that if we do not enjoy staying in a hotel, we don't put our clients there; further, we choose the hotels for this itinerary as if we do it for ourselves.
  2. In addition, our package tour includes a memorable overnight cruise on Halong Bay, the single greatest tourist attraction in Vietnam. Most of our competitors offer a day cruise, instead. The day cruise lasts only a few hours, which saves on cost, but cheats tour participants, who see only a bit of the huge bay. World Spreeā€™s cruise, on the other hand, overnights on a comfortable ship, takes in the most spectacular scenery (only available on the overnight cruise), visits floating villages and fishermen, and even allows time for a swim on a beautiful beach.
  3. Our reasonably-priced tour does not have any pre-arranged shopping stops--the "shopping traps" arranged by many American tour operators to generate commissions that subsidize their low prices and underpaid service staffs. World Spree considers this practice unethical. We say NO to "shopping traps."

Do shop around and compare the different tours on the market, and you will be convinced that World Spree offers the best value to Indochina!

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