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China Delight 2019

Cities: Beijing (4), Shanghai (4), Optional Suzhou & Tongli, Optional Hangzhou
$1,459 per person


An unbeatable value! Explore the dynamic capital Beijing and metropolitan Shanghai, China's two greatest cities, in a very reasonable inclusive package tour.

Beijing has been the imperial and modern capital since the 15th century. Walk on the Great Wall; tour the mystic Forbidden City; discover the old, narrow streets of Beijing by rickshaw. You will find endless treasures to unfold in China's proud capital city. Shanghai, once called "Paris of the East" in the 1930s, is China's cultural and financial center. Tour the colonial Bund; admire the charming architecture in the French Concession; overlook the cosmopolitan city from the Pudong zone, China's tallest building; and attend a performance of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.

No other cities in China play the important roles in China's history and modernization. With this package, you can take care of your own business, visiting friends, shopping, or simply join our very affordable optional tours. The flexibility is yours!

What's Included

Why Spree?

We have spent many years and a number of trips researching this beautiful destination. Every aspect of the tour - the hotels, included features, tour guides, recommended activities, transportation and shopping - have all been carefully selected so you can be confident in choosing China as a destination. A journey that was once considered challenging and expensive is now not only comfortable, but very affordable.

  1. Best price guarantee -- our 10-day / 2-city program offers unprecedented value that includes transpacific airfare, taxes and fuel surcharge, deluxe accommodation, daily buffet breakfasts and carefully designed features!
  2. We understand that the hotel provided is your home away from home, so we make sure to carefully select hotels with local style and flavor, but with the international standards you expect, all while being conveniently located so you can explore on your own.
  3. This twin city itinerary offers an ideal number of days in each city to explore locally or go beyond the city limits, also with the option to join World Spree’s carefully crafted optional tours (a total of 4 nights in Beijing and 4 nights in Shanghai).
  4. We carefully pace the tour to make the most of your time but also offer time to relax and enjoy the destination - combining the convenience of group tour with the flexibility of independent travel.

By negotiating hard and using our knowledge of the destination, we have designed the package in such a way, and from a totally different perspective, as if we do it for ourselves – for our very first journey to magical China. That’s what makes World Spree different from others: We treat you as we expect to be treated and do everything with that in mind.

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