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Best of the Ecuadorian Andes 2019

Cities: Quito (1), Otavalo (1), Papallacta (1), Amazon (2), Riobamba (1), Cuenca (2), Guayaquil (1)
$2,499 per person

What's Included

Why Spree?

We spent the last few years thoroughly researching this magical destination; meticulously analyzing every single aspect of the top South America tour producers in the U.S. market, especially their itineraries, hotels, included features, restaurants and menus, tour guides, transportation, and shopping.

We are confident that while you may find cheaper tours, you will not find a better value tour to Ecuador. Our Quito & Galapagos tour includes local flights and transportation, 9 nights’ deluxe accommodation, 18 meals and a wide range of highlights and activities.

By negotiating hard and using our knowledge of the destination, we have designed a tour we believe offers an incomparable experience for the money. We have created a trip, in such a way, and from a totally different perspective, as if we do it for ourselves – for our own very first journey to this magnificent destination. That’s what makes World Spree different from others – We treat you as we expect to be treated and do everything with that in mind.

We are proud to offer ethical tours, ensuring that North Americans are not taken advantage of. There are no tourist traps, such as pre-arranged shopping stops – these are often set up in advance by many other tour operators to generate commissions that subsidize their low prices and underpaid service staff. This practice is considered unethical, and we discourage any shopping in tourist traps.

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