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Grand Tour of Thailand & Vietnam 2020

Cities: Bangkok (3), Ayutthaya (1), Sukhothai (1), Chiang Rai (2), Chiang Mai (3), Ha Noi (3), Ha Long Cruise (1), Hoi An (3), Hue (2), Sai Gon (3)
$3,799 per person


Exotic and colorful, Thailand and Vietnam have been considered as the most two attractive countries in the South-East Asia for its cultures, people and cuisines.

Our tour starts in Thailand, a destination that really offers it all – ancient ruins, a rich culture, lush scenery, fragrant cuisine, vibrant Bangkok, beautiful beaches and friendly and fun locals who offer a warm welcome to visitors. Our Thailand Tour has been carefully constructed to offer an unbeatable introduction to this enticing destination. We start in the dynamic capital Bangkok and travel north to the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, traveling via the historic ancient capitals of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya. En route we can expect many memorable and inspiring experiences: bargain for handicrafts in the colorful markets; learn about the unique culture of Thailand's hill tribes; awake at dawn to offer alms to saffron-clad monks; explore the historic ruins of Thailand's ancient capitals.

We continue our trip to Vietnam, a country synonymous with the war that split the U.S. in two during the 1970s. While reminders of the impact are constantly visible, Vietnam is a nation on the move, its people are energetic, sociable and resourceful and live in a country blessed with a ravishing coastline, striking national parks and a rich and varied history. Now is the time to discover this dynamic destination which is constantly evolving and growing rapidly in popularity.

An unbeatable value holiday to explore the varied highlights of Vietnam, we visit the historic and modern capital, Hanoi; cruise through picturesque Halong Bay; relax in the charming town of Hoi An; discover the ancient Imperial Hue in central Vietnam; and experience the dynamic and vibrant pace of Saigon. Our tour includes all of these essential experiences, but also offers time to relax, explore or take one of our popular optional tours, including the opportunity to cruise along the Mekong River.

This is a journey of tropical sensations to the exotic Far East. The best value air inclusive package tour available to Thailand Vietnam.

What's Included

Why Spree?

We are confident that while you may find cheaper tours, you will not find a better deal to Thailand and Vietnam. With unbeatable value, our tour includes your international flight, 22 nights' accommodation, 32 meals and a wide range of highlights and activities.

  1. We have spent many years and a number of trips researching this beautiful destination. Every aspect of the tour - the itinerary, hotels, included features, restaurants and menus, tour guides, transportation- have all been carefully selected so you can be confident in choosing Thailand and Vietnam as a destination.
  2. Compared to similar itineraries promoted by our competitors, World Spree’s package tour features Boutique and/or 5-star hotels in convenient locations. Unlike other companies, the hotels we use have character. We choose hotels with local style and international chains with a central location. Though we want you to travel with an open mind and be adventurous in the daytime, we want you to have all the comforts of home in the evening: Great location, comfortable beds, good lighting, air conditioning, cable TV, power showers and delicious American buffet breakfasts to look forward to. The truth is that if we do not enjoy staying in a hotel, we don’t put our clients there. We choose the hotels for this itinerary as if we do it for ourselves.
  3. We ensure that the must-see sights and experiences are featured. Our package tour includes a memorable overnight cruise on Halong Bay, the single greatest tourist attraction in Vietnam. Most of our competitors offer a day cruise, instead. The day cruise lasts only a few hours, which saves on cost, but cheats tour participants who see only a bit of the huge bay. World Spree's cruise, on the other hand, overnights on a comfortable ship, takes in the most spectacular scenery (only available on the overnight cruise), visits floating villages and fishermen, and even allows time for a swim on a beautiful beach.
  4. We include genuine experiences which get you closer to the destination, its people and culture rather than visiting the typical tourist traps. We carefully pace the tour to make the most of your time but also offer time to relax and enjoy the destination; combining the convenience of group tour with the flexibility of independent travel.
  5. We avoid the unethical shopping traps (such as Gem factory and Jade factory) which other companies use to subsidize their profits.
  6. Lastly, as a tour operator and tour specialist to Asia, we can assist our clients in obtaining visas to Vietnam by offering a Vietnam Visa On Arrival Assistance program. This means World Spree tour participants don’t have to worry about a visa in advance, don't have to complete the visa application form upon arrival in Vietnam and don't have to wait in a long line to submit it. Everything will be taken care of on your behalf.

By negotiating hard and using our knowledge of the destinations we have designed the tour in such a way, and from a totally different perspective, as if we do it for ourselves – for our own very first journey to these beautiful countries. That’s what makes World Spree different from others – We treat you as we expect to be treated and do everything with that in mind.

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