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Best of Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 2019 2020

Cities: Hanoi (3), Halong Cruise (1), Hoi An (2), Hue (2), Saigon (3), Siem Reap (3), Bangkok (3)
$2,999 per person

Optional Tours

The following optional tours are available to enhance your overall travel experience to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

  • Due to the limited availability, we recommend that you book the optional tours before you travel to save money and to avoid disappointment
  • The travel insurance and travel protection plan usually covers only services purchased before your trip departure
  • The optional tours purchased while traveling are subject to additional 10% processing fee per tour.

Extension Tours

We prepare the following extension tours so you can explore more attractions in addition to your Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand travel package. The Extension tours must be booked at the time of main tour reservation due to the international flight booking of your trip.

Stopover Tours

To take advantage of the airline we may possibly use for your trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, we present the following stopover tours to enhance your overall international travel experience. The Stopover tour is on request basis and is subject to limited availability.

  • This specific Taipei Stopover Tour is only available when you are booked with China Airlines (CI) for your international flight to Vietnam. The tour confirmation is subject to a limited availability, flight booking class and additional airline taxes.
  • If you are interested in this stopover tour you need to choose it when booking the main trip. We then try to make arrangement for you. You will not be charged for it if we cannot book you with China Airlines, or the option is no longer available.