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Indochina's Ever-changing Faces 2019

Cities: Hanoi (3), Halong Bay Cruise (1), Hoi An (2), Hue (2), Saigon (3), Siem Reap (3), Luang Prabang (3), Chiang Mai (3), Bangkok (3)
$4,099 per person


Indochina is a region rich in ancient traditions and architect, enticing images and unforgettable experiences. Our extensive tour allows you to experience the unforgettable magic of the Orient at your leisure and with professional English-speaking guides. You will be immersed into the Orient's vibrant, neon-lit cities, beautiful colonial architecture and ancient temples shrouded in tropical jungle vegetation. The beautiful white sand beaches, unforgettable sweet aromas of fresh and fragrant topical flowers and the spicy and exotic flavors of the local cuisine will soothe the soul and please the senses. Explore four different countries with their varied and contrasting highlights.

Our tour will begin in  Vietnam where we will travel from north to south, experiencing its capital, Hanoi, and beautiful Halong Bay before experiencing the laid back charm of Hoi An and historic Hue, then onto enjoy the breakneck pace of modern Saigon. Enjoy several cruises, including the incredible Halong Bay overnight cruise.

Cambodia offers the largest and most famous temple complexes in the world, including the magical and mystical ruins of Angkor Wat, one of the region's undoubted highlights. Immerse yourself in the religious culture while attending a private blessing by the local monks.

In Laos we visit the beautiful city of Luang Prabang on the banks of the majestic Mekong River. Experience the spiritual and holy Binthabhat ceremony (Alms giving), visit the Royal Palace and temples, and meet and interact with local monks. An opportunity to cruise on mighty Mekong and visit the Pak Ou caves offers hours of beautiful landscapes, exploring and photo opportunities.

Following, we flight to Chiang Mai - the Thailand's second largest city, rich of culture, being well-known for its cuisine and handicraft.  Our tour continues to its conclusion in Thailand in the big, brash and bustling capital city of Bangkok with its ancient temples and city life, and then in direct contrast, follow the lush hills and jungle of the north around Chiang Mai. We will have the option to visit the floating market at Damnoen Saduak. A visit to Wat Po will afford us the unforgettable sight of the Giant Reclining Buddha; the walking tour to the China town and the little colorful Indian market is also the highlight of this city. 

Carefully planned and constructed, this tour offers an unbeatable insight into the region, its history and its people. You will learn about ancient kingdoms, experience striking landscapes, taste spicy and aromatic foods and enjoy the genuinely warm hospitality of the local people.

This tour includes all of the must see and highlights while allowing for optional tours, for those who want even more.

What's Included

Why Spree?

Our 25-day Indochina’s Ever Changing Faces tour includes all the major highlights these four countries – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - has to offer. In addition, we designed the tour with a pace to allow for non-rushed sightseeing, time for relaxation and self-exploration, along with optional tours providing opportunities to those who want to delve deeper.

  1. Compared to similar itineraries promoted by our competitors, World Spree’s package tour features handpicked boutique style to 5-star hotels in convenient locations, as opposed to the lower hotels used by other companies. Unlike other tour companies, the hotels we use have character. Though we want you to travel with an open mind and be adventurous in the daytime, we want you to have all the comforts of home in the evening such as: Great locations; comfortable beds; good lighting; air conditioning; cable TV; power showers and delicious American buffet breakfasts to look forward to. The truth is that if we do not enjoy staying in a hotel, we don’t put our clients there. We choose the hotels for this itinerary as if we do it for ourselves.
  2. Our package tour includes a memorable overnight cruise on Halong Bay, the single greatest tourist attraction in Vietnam. Most of our competitors offer a day cruise which lasts only a few hours. This saves on cost, but cheats tour participants who see only a portion of the huge bay. World Spree tours, on the other hand, overnights on a comfortable ship, takes in the most spectacular scenery (only available on the overnight cruise), visits floating villages and fishermen, and even allows time for a swim on a beautiful beach.
  3. Our reasonably-priced tour does not have any pre-arranged shopping stops - the "shopping traps" arranged by many North American tour operators to generate commissions that subsidize their low prices and underpaid service staffs. World Spree considers this practice unethical. We say NO to "shopping traps."

Do shop around and compare the different tours on the market, and you will be convinced that World Spree offers the best value to Indochina!

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