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Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 2019 2020

Cities: Hanoi (3), Halong Cruise (1), Hoi An (2), Hue (2), Saigon (3), Siem Reap (3)
$2,699 per person
We have traveled on three previous World Spree trips and know that 1) your lodging is always "tops" 2) your guides are the best 3) you provide truly local experiences (oxcart ride for example in Cambodia) that some others do not. We did look at competitors (Gate 1 Discovery was one) but none offered an overnight in Halong Bay which was a must for us. Also most other tours did not focus on Vietnam but included it as part of a larger itinerary taht included Thailand, etc. We wanted to see as much of Vietnam as possible. Once suggestion: offer the option of a sunrise tour to Angkor Wat.
Posted Date: 03/06/2019
Posted by: Debra McDermott
Found Chinaspree online 8 years ago when researching for a family trip. It was such a fantastic experience, i have been travelling with Worldspree since. This trip was my 5th private group tour with World Spree. Have not been disappointed once. While i have since prices go up and included options go down, i have never felt the quality or value of the tours has diminished. In my experience, there is no better value for the money than with Worldspree. I really appreciate the high quality of hotels included. There is nothing better than, after a long day of touring, have a luxury accommodation to return to for rest and relaxation. I raved about Chinaspree/Worldspree so much on TripAdvisor after my first couple of trips, that was accused of being paid shill :).
Posted Date: 01/11/2019
Posted by: Judy Yee