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The Golden Kite of Myanmar & Bangkok 2019

Cities: Bangkok (3), Yangon (3), Mandalay (2), Bagan (3), Inle Lake (2)
$2,999 per person


Beside the popular city- Bangkok in Thailand, most westerners travel to Myanmar (Burma) only once in their lifetime. World Spree wants to ensure you have all the resources in planning your dream vacation. Please read the following information regarding the level of activity you can expect, your physical requirements, trip destination information, tour pacing and meal arrangements specific to this Myanmar (Burma) tour.

Physical Requirements

This multi-city package tour is fast-paced and includes a reasonable amount of walking or hiking. It is suitable for an average level of physical fitness, but is not appropriate for travelers using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The tour itinerary does involve sightseeing on foot, walking on uneven surfaces, and climbing of stairs without handrail or assistance. This is an active tour. You should be able to EASILY negotiate climbing many stairs and walking for 30 minutes in 90-degree heat. To fully participate in this tour, you must be able to complete some long days of touring with minimal breaks.

Tour Pacing

5 cities in two countries for 13 nights:  3-nights in Bangkok (Thailand);  3-nights in Yangon; 2-nights in Mandalay; 3-nights in Bagan and 2-nights in Inle lake; We have two five internal flights as per program.

Climate & Terrain

Myanmar is a tropical country. The most preferable season to Myanmar is from November to early February when the weather is cool. It's getting hot from end of February and extremely hot from April to May- the traditional Water Festival is in April. The rainy season is from June to October. 

Group Size & Tour Guides

World Spree tour guides are hand-picked, well-trained and service oriented. They are constantly evaluated based on the feedback from every single World Spree customer. We know the success of your trip largely depends on the quality of our tour guides; therefore, we strive to hire only the best.

For groups of 10 travelers or more, a tour guide will be assigned to travel with your group throughout your trip in Myanmar and a local in Bangkok city. Your tour guide will also act as your local guide in each city. We need a minimum of 10 travelers to guarantee the tour departure. Group size varies depending on the trip, seasonality, airline availability and special departure dates and events.

Document Delivery

Your final travel documents will be sent to you via email about two weeks prior to departure. This email will include a copy of your electronic air ticket receipt (e-ticket), the final tour itinerary, hotel and emergency contacts, and other important information for your trip.


Q: What's the time difference with Myanmar?
Myanmar is 6 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT +6½ hours.) Myanmar has no daylight saving – the time remains the same throughout the year.
Q: Is US dollar accepted in Myanmar?
The US dollar is widely used as an alternative currency, particularly for larger purchases. Foreigners are sometimes expected to pay in dollars for hotels, high-end restaurants, flights and access to historical sites. Smaller purchases, such as taxi rides, buses and cheaper to mid-range meals are quoted and are almost always paid for in local currency (Kyat).
Q: Am I allowed to get closer to the monks in Myanmar?
Getting closer to the monks for taking picture is considered very disrespectful. Please avoid touching a monk's robes.
Q: What is the electricity in Myanmar?
Electricity has also fall shortage and unreliable, particularly in rural areas. When traveling to Myanmar, you may encounter power-cut. It is, therefore, necessary to bring along a torch or flash in your phone in case you are absorbed in darkness. Electric power in Myanmar is supplied by the leading industry associations with electrical outlet is 220-240 Volts. Although there exists power-cut, there is no need to worry as luxury hotels and some mid-range hotels are always equipped with generators for backing up 24 hours of electricity available.
Q: Myanmar is a Buddhist country. Are there any special customs I should be aware of?
Most Burmese are devout Buddhists, and while they will not impose their beliefs on visitors, they will expect you to pay due respect to their traditional practices. Wear appropriate clothes when visiting religious sites, and don't violate their space: avoid touching a monk's robes, and don't disturb praying or meditating people in temples. Don’t’ kiss each other in front of people OR public area. Pointed by foot is rude manners in Myanmar and need to be avoided.
Q: Can I drink the water in Thailand?
Please note that tap water is not drinkable. However, it is safe to brush your teeth. Most hotels provide guests with two complimentary bottles of water per day.

Passport & Visa Requirements

Valid passport is required for all World Spree travelers (U.S. and Canadian Citizens) traveling abroad. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your trip return date. Your passport should have sufficient blank pages for visa stamp(s), per country you are visiting, amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa stamping.

The following visa requirements are specific to U.S. and Canadian citizens. Citizens of other countries must check with the respective embassies and visa agencies to determine what travel visa and personal identifications are required. Travelers who enter, leave and re-enter the same country on their itinerary must check if they require a double-entry or multiple-entry visa.

It is the responsibility of every traveler to obtain and pay for all entry documents (visas, etc.) as required by the laws for each country on your itinerary.

Visa Requirement – Thailand

No visa application is required for entry to Thailand for citizens of U.S., Canada, UK and Australia, for touristic stays of up to 30 days. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival. Immigration officers may want to check your return flight details and/or tour booking. Please print out your e-ticket receipt and tour itinerary for your record and carry it with you.

If you hold a passport from another country please contact the Embassy directly.

Visa Requirement – Myanmar

U.S. and Canadian citizens can apply for a regular tourist E-Visa. The Myanmar E-visa is granted at: Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Airport and some other land border checkpoints, including: Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung.

The Myanmar E-Visa is a straightforward procedure; you are not required to physically present your passport for visa processing prior to arrival in Myamar. The normal processing time is up to three (03) working days, after you submitted your applications and paid successfully.

The E-Visa is valid for single entry only, for touristic stays of up to 28 days. A new visa will be required for re-entry. The E-Visa Approval letter is valid up to 90 days from the date of issue.

You are required to have:

  • A passport valid for at least six (6) months after your trip return date.
  • One (1) recent 4.6cm x 3.8cm (1.8inch x 1.5inch)-sized photo 
  • Visa stamping fee of USD$50 per passport by credit cards and non-refundable. Fee is subject to change without prior noticed.
  • Immigration officers may want to check your return flight details and/or tour booking. Please print out your international e-ticket receipt and tour itinerary for your record and carry it with you.    

 Please click here to apply the Myanmar E-Visa. 

If entering Myanmar via a cruise trip, you must already be in possession of a valid visa. 

For citizens from other countries, please contact the embassy directly for more information.