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Why Spree

World Spree has a great passion for travel, we know life is a journey and we value the experiences on that journey above all else. We hope that if you share our beliefs, you will join us on one of our holidays for the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful and amazing experiences that travelling the world offers.

Our History & Philosophy

Founded in just 2005, specialising in holidays to China, World Spree has progressively grown in size, largely due to the glowing testimonials we receive from our customers. We now serve thousands of customers each year and the popularity of our tours to China has led us to expand, carefully growing our range of destinations.

Central to this success is a company philosophy that marries a mix of Asian and Western values which helps us understand both the holidaymaker and our holiday destinations:

Our Approach

Our holidays are carefully crafted, planned and designed, created for our customers who, like ourselves, are well travelled, discerning and seek to truly experience a destination.

Unbeatable Hotels

Our choice of hotels reflects the type of place we ourselves like to stay. A hotel should both reflect its environment but also offer a retreat from it. Where possible, we choose hotels with local character, hotels that are centrally situated, offering an ideal base from which to explore. However, travelling can at times be draining and we understand that it is essential to have somewhere you can return to at the end of the day to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy a feeling of secluded luxury.

We select hotels for all of our tours only after giving each one a thorough onsite inspection to ensure the facility meets or exceeds our standards. We compare all available hotels per city within the area our guests visit, shopping around to consider the environment, price point and ultimately the value our customers have come to expect. Some cities may have as many as 50 hotels, so it's essential we make the best choices. After all, everyone deserves a home away from home.

Quality Group Sizes

We believe being that part of a group is the best way to travel, an opportunity to share experiences and learn together. However, with too many people, things can get slowed down and the experience is compromised. We therefore ensure that our group sizes provide a quality tour experience for all the destinations we visit.

Fine Cuisine

Good food is central to our holidays. Tasting and experiencing the flavours of a destination is one of the key reasons we travel and we therefore meticulously select the restaurants we visit.

Careful Planning

When planning our tours, it would be easy to include every sight and attraction possible. However, experience shows that it is essential to have time to reflect upon and enjoy the experiences of your holiday. We believe this is where we are experts, where we design our itineraries in order to make the most of your time away. We carefully pace and plan our tours so that they are brisk but not strenuous, and you get to visit the most important and most interesting sights but also have time to relax and enjoy the destination.

Local Culture

As well as visiting the sights, our tours focus on activities with the chance to meet and interact with local people, learn about their history, culture and beliefs. The activities we have chosen are authentic, rather than just a shopping trip repackaged as a factory tour. They offer a wonderful opportunity for the traveller to gain an insight into the destination and for local people to receive an economic benefit from tourism.

Expert Guides

We believe that our local guides are essential to the experience of our holidays. We have a rigorous training and selection process to ensure that each of them will look after you, educate and entertain you. It is their job to make your holiday and we hope that they exceed your expectations.

Our Value for Money

Ever since our inception, value for money has been amongst our core values. Holidays are a dream that should not be compromised, but at the same time need to be an affordable luxury.

Our Competitors

Under the recent economic climate, consumers have become increasingly focused upon price when deciding where they spend their money, especially with significant purchases such as a long haul holiday. At World Spree, we are concerned by the trend of many of our competitors who in order to meet demand and survive the economic situation, are cutting not only their prices but also their quality.

Cheap versus Value

With consumers looking for deals, many of our competitors in order to survive the situation, are cutting their prices. However, rather than dropping their profit margin, they are cutting out costs leading to a cheap, fast food style of holiday's cheap product, consumed in high volumes with no real quality or satisfaction. We understand the ways in which they do this, so we would like to highlight these to help if you are shopping around:

If you are just looking for the cheapest price, then our holidays may not suit you. However, if like ourselves, you seek value, live a decent life, travel extensively, know and are keen to see the world, then we believe we offer some fantastic experiences.

How We Offer Such Good Value

While we don't want to reveal all of our secrets to our competitors, there are key ways in which we can offer better holidays at unbeatable value.