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World Spree bans elephant rides 5/4/2017 11:36:35 AM
May 2017: World Spree no longer offers elephant rides as part of its tours to India, Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. Although elephant rides are a popular attraction for our travelers, we felt it was our social responsibility to stop promoting mistreatment of these gentle giants by offering rides as part of our itineraries.

Unfortunately, most of these elephants will spend their lives in servitude, forced to perform tricks or lug passengers around. Oftentimes, these elephants are mistreated, bound by ropes and even struck with bullhooks - a stick with a metal hook on the end. Sometimes, elephants can become a danger to the humans around them, as they lash out in fear, frustration and even pain.

We have removed elephant rides from all of our tours and have replaced them with other means of transportation. For our India tours, travelers will enjoy a ride to the Amber Fort in 4 X 4 jeeps.

Our decision to remove the elephant rides may disappoint some of our travelers, but we felt it was the humane and responsible action to take.